Dior announces exhibition in founder’s hometown


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In its twentieth year, the Musee Christian Dior in Normandy celebrates the French fashion house's 70th anniversary with a new exhibition

There is perhaps much that the contemporary house of Dior owes to its founder's childhood home; A floral fixation could have been spurred by the English garden that surrounded his home in Normandy, drama of his designs inspired by the cliff on which his home perched atop of. A new exhibition at the Musee Christian Dior seeks to explore this relationship and the first years of Christian Dior's life that would go on to inform his work in the most intimate of ways.

"The sweetest and most wonderful memories," the couturier wrote of his villa. "What can I say? My life, my style owe almost everything to its location and its architecture."

The exhibition will take an intimate look at the house's archives against the designers childhood dwellings, exploring the atmosphere and emotion of the era through portraits and personal objects.

A must-see for any Dior-phile.

Dior announces exhibition in founder’s hometown (фото 1)

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