Dapper Dan and Gucci settled their feud in the BEST way

Dapper Dan and Gucci settled their feud in the BEST way

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The decades old Dapper Dan versus Gucci feud has finally been settled in the most fashionable way in no small part thanks to social media

Back in 1982 a stylish gent going by the name of Dapper Dan, real name Daniel Day, opened an atelier in Harlem. And while that's not unusual - clothing boutiques and tailors are a dime in dozen in the Big Apple - what made Dapper Dan's store stand out was his use of designer brand logos on the garments, leather goods etc he produced without consent from the luxe labels.

This monogram 'borrowing' may have gone under the radar - it was the '80s when you could buy a counterfeit Louis Vuitton handbag or a Gucci tee on most street corners - but according to The New York Times Dapper Dan became super popular with big name hip hop artists, rappers and boxers like LL Cool J and Mike Tyson, making such show-stopping custom pieces with luxe label logos stamped all over them for his clients that the luxury brands (including Gucci) took note.

That notice took the form of legal action with The New York Times reporting, "...litigation by luxury brands ran Dapper Dan's Boutique out of business in the '90s." Fast forward to the Gucci Cruise 2018 show in May this year and down the runway saunters a model dressed in a jacket almost identical to a version Dapper Dan made back in the late '80s for American Olympic athlete Diane Dixon.

Gucci cruise 2018 vs Diane Dixon 1989

The socials went into overdrive calling out Gucci for 'copying' Dapper Dan's counterfeit style without giving him any credit. Per The New York Times Alessandro Michele, Gucci's creative director responded by saying, "For me, we can talk about appropriation a lot. I didn't put a caption on it because it was so clear. I wanted people to recognize Dapper on the catwalk. It wasn't appropriation, it was a homage."

And now The New York Times reports the 'homage' paid by Dapper Dan to Gucci back in '80s and Michele's recent 'homage' to Dapper Dan has been settled in the most fashionable way possible. Dapper Dan is to reopen his studio for custom commissions with Gucci to "supply the raw materials". Dapper and Gucci will also, "...collaborate on a capsule collection that will be produced and sold in Gucci stores worldwide next spring." Plus Dapper Dan will feature in Gucci's mens tailoring advertising campaign.

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