Christine Centenera and Josh Goot launch “anti-fast fashion” collection

Christine Centenera and Josh Goot launch “anti-fast fashion” collection

Fashion redefined

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Christine Centenera and Josh Goot are redefining the concept of fashion with their Wardrobe.NYC capsule collection

When fashion designer, Josh Goot and Vogue Australia's, Christine Centenera team up, you know whatever they come up with is going to seriously challenge the fashion game. Enter the pair's joint venture; Wardrobe.NYE a new direct-to-consumer luxury label designed for both men and women, which launched today (December 8). The defining factor of Wardrobe.NYE is that the pieces in the capsule can only be purchased as a set - with the option of buying as a four-piece or eight-piece pack.

"I think we take for granted how often people find it difficult to get dressed in the morning. I think this provides a solution," Centenera told designer Virgil Abloh for "Because it's anti-fast fashion it is providing pieces that hopefully people will have forever."

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The focus of the first capsule is suiting; featuring a blazer, a shirt, a T-shirt, a skirt, a blouse, a coat, a knit, and leggings for women; and a blazer, a shirt, a t-shirt, a hoodie, a coat, a knit, and pants and trousers for men.

"The pieces work together, but they help form a basis for other fashion to be brought in," Centenera told Vogue. "For me, they're really the anchors in my wardrobe. I love fashion and mixing things in, for sure. This just helps keep this elevated base level, if that makes sense."

"People have the choice to buy a four-piece or eight-piece wardrobe for men or women. The pieces within the four or eight are fixed. And people can choose their sizing for each of those pieces," Goot told Vogue. Pieces are not priced individually and cannot be purchased separately.

All of the pieces are made in Italy from the highest quality textiles and shipped out of New York. For women, an eight-piece suit will set you back $3,200 AUD - which is somewhat revolutionary considering the luxury materials and Italian tailoring. "We wanted to allow people to access this quality of clothing with a reasonable price," Centenera told Refinery 29. "I don't think that these pieces exist in the market at this quality level at this price range."

Dressing like a fashion stylist just became that much easier. 

Christine Centenera and Josh Goot launch “anti-fast fashion” collection (фото 1)

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