The French fashion house celebrates what would have been Coco Chanel’s 133rd birthday with the release of a new book

Today's US release of Coco Chanel, a vibrant, illustrated biography of the designer's life, follows the designer's life from her childhood in a convent orphanage to Chanel's Paris headquarters, 31 Rue Cambon. Certainly a fitting way to celebrate the birthday of such a seminal figure in the world of fashion.

Whimsically illustrated by artist Nina Cosford, the book also reveals intimate, thus-far unknown snippets of the designer's life from the way she and her siblings were "deserted by her fly-by-night father and unwelcome by her mother's family," to her well-known love life with the likes of Picasso, Salvidor Dali and Igor Stravinsky and the creation of her fashion empire. A must-read for any fashion aficionada.

Celebrating Mme Chanel’s birthday with an eye-opening new memoir