Cartier has Christmas literally wrapped up

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What's better than a ribbon-wrapped red Cartier box?

Not much, if you ask us, especially if it contains a piece from the Love, Panthère de Cartier or Juste un Clou collection. But for shoppers at Melbourne's Chadstone and Sydney's Castlereagh Street stores, they're in for an extra special treat this Christmas. Two huge installations are bringing some extra yuletide cheer to the two capital cities, via a Cartier Cinema Experience on the ground floor of Chadstone and the wrapping of the Sydney store with Cartier's iconic red bow.

The Chadstone installation, in the shape of one huge Cartier box, is in celebration of the new Cartier's Maison's opening in early December. Guests have the opportunity to walk inside the space and watch the L'Odyssée Film which focuses on the impressive heritage of the luxury brand. Further north in Sydney, the wrapping of the Castlereagh Street mirrors the tradition of wrapping iconic Cartier flagships in the Northern Hemisphere, such as on 5th Avenue in NYC and New Bond Street in London. Coupled with a Cartier-decorated Christmas trees and gift boxes peeking out of the upstairs juliette balconies, you'll be forgiven for becoming overcome with festive spirit this year. 

And while the likelihood of an Australian white Christmas is merely just a daydream, it's nice to know a Cartier Christmas is possible, right?

Visit the Christmas Red Bow Decoration at the Cartier Flagship Boutique, 74 Castlereagh Street, Sydney and the Cartier Cinema Experience on the Ground Level Luxury Precinct, Chadstone Shopping Centre, 1341 Dandenong Road, Chadstone.

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