Model Cameron Russell campaigns against another kind of abuse

Model Cameron Russell campaigns against another kind of abuse


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US model and activist Cameron Russel is the latest model to campaign for change via social media

Call it the Harvey Weinstein effect... or maybe it's the Trump effect? But 2017 certainly seems to be powering up as the year women finally stopped being silent about gender-specific abuse and sexual harassment. While Hollywood is still reeling from 30 years' worth of predatory behaviour, extreme harassment and hush-hush settlements from Harvey Weinstein, it seems other women are mobilising other industries to join the voices in Hollywood, too.

While Hollywood no doubt houses its share of badly behaved individuals, the furore surrounding Harvey Weinstein seems to have had an effect on another notoriously problematic one: the modelling industry. From underweight and underage models, to unrealistic Photoshopping and lack of diversity; modelling and fashion has copped it all. But another nefarious side to the industry emerged in March this year, after casting agent James Scully revealed the appalling treatment of models at a Balenciaga casting call, who were allegedly left to stand in a dark stairwell for three hours while casting agents went to lunch.

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After the casting agents in question were sacked, the notion of bullying, harassment and mistreatment of models was raised by many industry models and insiders, however the controversy had easily died down by the time Paris couture rolled round in June. But American model Cameron Russell has brought it to light again via a series of posts on her Instagram account. No stranger to the industry, the model has appeared on the cover of Vogue, walked for the Victoria's Secret runway show, holds a degree from Colombia University and now campaigns for equality and climate changes, among other causes. 

Opening up a forum using the hashtag #MyJobShouldNotIncludeAbuse for other models to anonymously share their stories of abuse and mistreatment via DM, she has so far shared over 70 stories of modelling abuse from fellow models. Many involve underage, inexperienced girls at the beginnning of their careers and older, industry photographers... you can imagine it's not pretty. Her most recent posts have asked media outlets to be respectful when reporting these anonymous posts, so we have opted not to publish them here. You can, however head to her Instagram @cameronrussell and read the confronting and deeply personal reports. And for more info on Cameron and her campaigning in the modelling industry, watch her 2012 TED talk, 'Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model' below. 



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