Is Instagram about to burst the blogger bubble?

Is Instagram about to burst the blogger bubble?

New Insta-algorithm alert

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Noticed a change in your Insty feed? A few #TurnMeOn notification requests from brands? Perhaps a drop in engagement or followers? Divya Bala investigates

It's not just you, there's a new Insta-algorithm at work and everyone from Kendall Jenner to John Mayer is freaking out about it. Earlier this month, The New York Times reported on a new Instagram algorithm being tested on users. The change would prioritise posts in your feed according to your relationship with the poster and the users you interact with the most, as opposed to simply showing images and videos in reverse chronological order like they always have. 

So what does it all mean? Soon Instagram will start filling your feed with images and videos that it thinks you want to see, based on whether you liked it or commented on it or how many mutual relationships you have, instead of showing the most recent posts first. So basically, if you're not making your followers double-tap, you're better off tapping out.

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Kendall Jenner tweeted about it, John Mayer Instagrammed  about it - there's even a 351,334-strong petition to 'Keep Instagram Chronological'. Pretty much, influencers are flipping out on the dwindling effect this could have on their followers and, in turn, their ability to be lucrative. Jules Lund, the founder of a social influencer startup, Tribe, breaks down the changes in a must-read 'Open Letter to Influencers' here

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