Beyoncé just completely changed the game AGAIN

Cool move

Text: Yeong Sassall

Image: Beyonce

The US singer and all-round superstar scores another tick of approval from us by casting a wheelchair-bound model in her 'Formation' merchandise campaign

2016 has been a something of a game changing year for Beyoncé. After blowing us away with the racially motivated political statement that was her 'Formation video' Queen Bey just upped the ante again by throwing another social issue in our face - diversity in the fashion industry.

Tapping model Jillian Mercado, who suffers from muscular dystrophy and uses a wheelchair, to model Beyoncé's cool sloganed 'Formation' merchandise is a bold move - one that can't have come sooner. Announcing her win on her Instagram, Jillian was understandbly thrilled to be part of the campaign. After signing to modelling behemoth IMG last year (a feat unto itself), Jillian has been steadily building a portfolio of high profile jobs - having previously shot ad campaigns for Diesel and a CR Fashion Book editorial. 

The NYC based model, blogger and activist has not been shy about her desire for those living with a disability to have more visibility in the fashion industry. “I feel like it’s about time that we give a spotlight to so many people who only want to feel accepted – and that is something that we can all relate to,” she told Dazed. “The challenge is to not to stop talking about it. This isn’t some kind of fad that will come and go, not while I'm around.” And now, courtesy of Beyoncé powerful move, Jillian’s voice is about to be heard by the army of Queen Bey's fans.

Beyoncé just completely changed the game AGAIN (фото 1)

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