Online fashion retailer Asos has been hit with every company's worst nightmare: a warehouse fire. Overnight, the Eurohub 2 distribution centre just outside Berlin broke out into a blaze, which has destroyed over £6million of stock (that's over  $au10 million ).Thankfully, no one was hurt and the brand is fully insured for the loss of stock. And even better news; the structure of the building remains intact along with the technology, and automatization.

However the London-born brand hasn't had the best of luck when it comes to warehouse fires. Back in 2014, Asos' Barnsley facility was ripped to shreds by a blaze, losing a whopping £30 million in stock. Ouch.

Asos has not yet made a formal comment on the blaze, but it looks as though the site is running like normal. So happy online shopping, folks. 

Asos has lost $10 million worth of stock in a warehouse fire