Aquazzura is cracking down on copycats

Aquazzura is cracking down on copycats


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First Ivanka Trump, now Steve Madden: Aquazzura are on a suing rampage

We reported last week that luxe Italian shoe label Aquazzura is suing Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka over her latest pair of heels, which, they say, are a direct copy of their own best-selling Wild Thing design. Her lawyers are arguing that Ivanka isn't the only one to copy the cult-status shoe (that doesn't make it ok, guys), and Aquazzura has taken note: they're now filing a lawsuit against Steve Madden too.

They're not just taking the New York-based shoe label to task over the Wild Thing design, but allege that Steve Madden has made direct replicas of their Belgravia, Sexy Thing and Christy shoes as well. Steve Madden is in especially big trouble over their Christy knock-offs, as Aquazurra has that particular design patented in the US.

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According to Footwear News, the creative director and founder of Aquazzura, Edgardo Osorio, is a vocal advocate for improving intellectual property protections in the fashion industry. As anyone who's walked into almost any high street fashion chain in Australia lately will know, Steve Madden isn't the only brand to take inspiration from the cult-status Christy flat - should all those stores be worried? Seems like Osorio is a man on a mission.

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