For those unaware of All My Friends are Models (AMFAM), it's a lifestyle/fashion industry blog focused on "humanizing beauty". With empowering and fascinating first person stories like "What it's really like to be a male model" and "Fame & Freeloading Friends" as well as insider beauty and fashion tips, AMFAM goes behind the scenes and publishes stories written by models, their pals and the pros who work with them, with an aim to communicate the fact that modelling is a job and that these women and men are more than their image. 

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Abbey Lee, Cat McNeil, Cheyenne Tozzi and Elyse Taylor design tees for worthy cause

Abbey Lee, Cat McNeil, Cheyenne Tozzi and Elyse Taylor design tees for worthy cause

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Following on from the positive message that AMFAM is crafting, the blog has teamed up with the cool kids at General Pants Co. to launch a series of tees designed by Cheyenne Tozzi, Cat McNeil, Elyse Taylor and Abbey Lee, with a percentage of the proceeds going to each model's chosen charity. Click through the gallery to see the model's designs in full.

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Cheyenne Tozzi's shirt will be donating to Zambi Wildlife RetreatsCat McNeil has chosen to support global volunteer movement supporting women, Soroptimist International; Elyse Taylor's selected charity is The Wayside Chapel; while Abbey Lee has opted to donate a percentage of her proceeds to the Olivia Newton-John foundation. 

AMFAM x GP tees retail for $59.95 each and are on sale now in stores and online at

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