Greatest hits: vote for the pieces you want Alexander Wang to reissue

Greatest hits: vote for the pieces you want Alexander Wang to reissue

Three cheers for democracy

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To celebrate his 10 year anniversary, the cult-status designer is dropping some golden oldies

To say that Alexander Wang has a die-hard cult following is putting it lightly, the mental-as-anything turnout when he dropped his H&M collaboration in Melbourne last year was testament of that, and we've all heard the battle stories from across the pacific of his legendary sample sales... Brutal. 

So when the New York-based designer and Balenciaga creative director announced that he would be re-issuing some of his most famous looks over the weekend, as chosen by you, we can only imagine the influx of traffic his website received...

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Celebrating his 10-year anniversary, Wang will drop 10 pieces, which fans are to vote for out of a selection of 25 (which is actually really hard to edit) - from his S/S '13 fishline dress to the S/S '11 streamer dress, S/S '10 cut-out leather dress, A/W '11 glitter jean and A/W '08 leather pants - we guarantee there's a few pieces in there you've lusted after at some point.  

Sound like your kind of election? Head to the #WANG10  page to cast your vote.


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