Alexander Wang is the latest designer to disrupt NYFW

Alexander Wang is the latest designer to disrupt NYFW


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Uh oh, another major designer exits from NYFW

It's no secret the fashion industry has been scrambling for a few years, trying to figure out whether the existing model or a more see-now-buy-now approach is best. And while the issue is too large and thorny for us to figure out, we do know this: Alexander Wang is the latest US designer to leave NYFW. Following departures from fellow flagship American designers Proenza Schouler, Rodarte, Altuzarra and Rag & Bone, it's suggestive that NYFW is really struggling to make its mark on the traditional Fashion Month calendar.

While Wang's contemporaries Proenza Schouler, Rodarte and Altuzarra have found greener pastures in the bigger and buzzier Paris Couture and Paris Fashion Week schedules, Alexander Wang will shift to a more consumer-facing model. The NYT reports that the designer will replace his February and September NYFW shows with presentations in June and December and will concentrate on delivering monthly product drops, concentrating over October-March and April-September.

While the see-now-buy-now model has been harnessed by brands like Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger and Tom Ford (albeit, regrettably), it's not clear whether this is in fact more successful than the current model. However, it must be said that Alexander Wang's model-packed, party fuelled NYFW presentations will be sorely missed. Who else can we count on to to throw a block party?

Alexander Wang is the latest designer to disrupt NYFW (фото 1)

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