Acne Studios is about to reboot your wardrobe

Acne Studios is about to reboot your wardrobe

Denim 2.0

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Swedish cool-girl label Acne Studios is going back to its roots

As the casualisation of women's wardrobes continues its interesting journey towards sneakers, hoodies, Juicy Couture reboots and beyond (thanks, Vetements), we're now faced with even more choice than ever when it comes to our daywear. While sneakers and slides have infiltrated the workforce and, well, you know what's happened with activewear, it seems the baby blues that were once the staple of every modern woman's wardrobe have been neglected.

Sure, we have the high-end Vetements versions seen on every self-respecting fashion editor at Fashion Week, Cali-girl favourites like Re/Done Levi's and even the cultish Topshop jeans at the low end - but as for contemporary priced jeans? They've kind of slid of the radar. Enter Acne Studios. Once the kind of 'premium denim' brand that girls invested in, after the label moved into ready-to-wear it lost its association with jeans and became known for boots, sweater and other outerwear.

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But Acne want that denim customer back. So instead of doing more denim, they're actually pulling back. Speaking to Business of Fashion, the brand confirms it is replacing its entire current range with a permanent collection, running seasonal collections and calling the whole thing Blå Konst or 'blue art' in English. With only three styles for each gender in the permanent collection - baggy, straight and skinny - and a narrower range of wash options, even the denim has been switched for a more rigid, classic denim fabric. The price, however, will remain the same.

"It was time to take back control again," Acne's executive chairman and co-owner Mikael Schiller told BoF. "We started 20 years ago and a lot has happened with the other parts of the company. We wanted to start again and look at denim with fresh eyes," added Mattias Magnusson, the company's CEO. "If you look at the wider market, brands are launching lots of washes and styles that look more or less the same. You try to be everything for everyone. So we say that these are the styles and washes we think you need."

While we certainly can agree that sometimes too much choice is overwhelming, we will withhold our opinion until we see the revamped collection. But, if it's anything like the rest of Acne's ready-to-wear, we can bet that the basics will be executed with typically cool Swedish precision.

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