A fashion industry blacklist is now on the ‘Gram

A fashion industry blacklist is now on the ‘Gram

And it’s frighteningly long

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Anonymous model Insta handle @shitmodelmgmt posted a scarily long list of who to avoid working with in the fashion industry due to alleged sexual harassment claims

Insta account @shitmodelmgmt made a splash back in 2016 with a bunch of funny memes exposing what really goes on behind the scenes in the modelling world. At the time, according to Fashionista the account bio read, "We all want to quit. Two models exposing the truth," but no one knew who the two models were.

Since then the account has grown to a whopping 136K followers but is now apparently being run by only one of the OG models with the current bio telling a solo tale of, "We all want to quit. Model exposing the truth."

We still don't know who's running the handle but the model still on the account has not only continued to produce funny memes but been quietly running a fashion industry #MeToo campaign to help other models expose fashion industry names who have allegedly behaved sexually inappropriately.

The author of the Insta account asked followers/other models a few months back to share their alleged sexual harassment stories confidentially and according to @shitmodelmgmt, "My dms immediately blew up. I was receiving thousands of messages from different models."

Those 'dms' resulted in a very long 'blacklist' of fashion industry names that @shitmodelmgmt has published via a link on the handle.

The author of the handle also notes that names with an asterisk have been allegedly accused more than three times and the author, sensibly concerned about legal action, has included a reference above the blacklist to a law that protects bloggers who publish info by a third party.

The list is horrifyingly long citing many high-profile fashion industry names who have already had accusations levelled against them elsewhere, including fashion photographer Mario Testino, Greg Kadel and Bruce Weber.

Find the list here: shitmodelmgmt

A fashion industry blacklist is now on the ‘Gram (фото 1)

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