This might be the most foolproof way to get dressed ever

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Text: Yeong Sassall

Do you have trouble coordinating your shirts with your pants?

Confused about whether navy works with black, or what kind of jacket to wear with chinos? While getting dressed every day isn't an exact science, it's not the kind of thing the average dude wants to spend time ruminating on... right? That's where G-Star Raw's Marc Newson steps in. The industrial designer - whom Time once named one of the '100 Most Influential People in the World' (2005) - has parlayed his utilitarian, no-nonsense approach to fashion into an A/W '16 collection that takes the conundrum out of dressing.

Labelled as a kind of throw-on-and-go 'uniform', Newson's sportswear-influenced collection (his 11th collaboration with G-Star) features Japanese denim, leather accents and complementary shades of green, navy, beige and white. Describing his philosophy as "this idea that you could just go to your wardrobe and sort of pull out a bunch of things and knew that they were all going to work together," we probed the designer for more insight into the range.

 This might be the most foolproof way to get dressed ever (фото 1)

Talk us through the idea behind the collection. We love this idea of a kind of uniform.
Getting dressed in the morning takes less time if you have the right options -  I often get dressed in the dark. Every outfit feels well put-together but never repetitive.

What kind of guy is this collection intended to appeal to - anyone?
We take all comers.

What are some of the key pieces in the collection?
The crushed polyester jacket and pants are pretty cool because when you're travelling it's almost impossible for the hotel to f**k them up if you have to get them cleaned... Apart from them trying to press out the creases... ha ha.

There's a bit of a sportswear element woven through this collection... why did you choose to go there?
The collection is pretty movable and flexible - it covers the functional side of style that the modern guy has started to lean towards.

Why have you chosen this particular colour palette?
I always choose the colours I feel happy wearing.

The Marc Newson A/W '16 collection is available at and G-Star stores now.

This might be the most foolproof way to get dressed ever (фото 2)

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