The 4 must-have suits for every man

The 4 must-have suits for every man

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Have these hanging in your wardrobe and you've got outfits for every occasion sorted, says David Smiedt

It's as inevitable as summer sunburn and the Kardashians putting their name to pretty much anything: holidays end and you have to go back to work. That's the bad news. The good news is that after Christmas, almost every store in Australia will go on sale. Take a deep breath, wade into the fray, but do so knowing what you need.

1. The Black
This will undoubtedly be the most versatile suit you ever buy. Ideal for evening functions, job interviews, weddings (your own or others) and it can even masquerade as a tux if you accessorise it right. You want a two-button variety in a slim cut - not skinny as it looks a little amateurish/year 12 formal. Quality fabric is paramount as black can acquire a weird sheen over time. Kinda like Gwyneth Paltrow's face. Check out the Arden suit from MJ Bale.

The 4 must-have suits for every man (фото 1)

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2. The Blue
While navy will never let you down, it is a tad ubiquitous. For something just different enough, consider lighter shades and take things up a notch with the addition of a waistcoat. The Slim Cobalt Suit from Jack London ticks every box. Accessorise with brown leather brogues.

The 4 must-have suits for every man (фото 2)

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3. The Grey
If you spend time in a corporate environment, this 50 Shades Of colour is a failsafe. It speaks of confidence and time-honoured sophistication. Because of the relative lightness of the colour, grey is also the ideal hue with which to experiment with texture or a light check as seen on Dan Craig - yes, we're that close - in Spectre. Our pick of the bunch right now is the Officine Generale suit in charcoal from Mr Porter. Aside from the dashing cut, it's designed to be travelled in, so there are no wrinkles when you get to that interstate meeting.

The 4 must-have suits for every man (фото 3)

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4. The Tan/Beige
Best suited to the warmer months and in a lightweight wool, this is a shade that many men tend to shy away from. That's #good - you'll stand out all the more. Take things a step further by perhaps going for a double-breasted jacket such as the Mr Pike from Institchu.

The 4 must-have suits for every man (фото 4)

The 4 must-have suits for every man (фото 5)

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