Test your metal: the Buro guide to man jewellery

Test your metal: the Buro guide to man jewellery

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If you think men and jewellery are mutually exclusive - kinda like Tay-Tay and a private relationship, or Tony Abbott and women's rights - do we have news for you

1955 called. It wants its fusty attitude back. By the same token, if you're interpreting this shift in perspective as a gilted carte blanche, you've probably been watching too much Empire and/or MTV. In other words, bling there, done that.

Like so much else in the world of style - oh, hell, life itself - subtlety is the go-to here. So let's sort out the guidelines. Necklaces are a notoriously tricky accessory to pull off for guys. If you like to wear your religious faith on your figurative sleeve and literal chest, by all means do so. In other cases, you'd be well advised to stick to the finer end of the spectrum. You want a delicate series of links that sits below the collar bones but above the zone where chest becomes stomach. Kanye does this look particularly well, often doubling up with a pair of chains in rose gold:

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But nothing says try-hard like chunks of 24-carat. It doesn't broadcast a taste for the finer things or affluence. It's more like you're trying to imitate a Nelly album cover from the early 2000s. 

Now that the weather is warmer, many a man is subscribing to the 'sun's out, guns out' mantra. This fits neatly into the accessories picture as arms and hands make the perfect vehicle without screaming 'statement piece.'

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Bracelets can be a masculine addition to any look as long as they are not too fussy or ornate. Material is key - think plaited leather, marine-grade rope or even macramé. Add a discreet flash of metal detailing - like a fishing hook or clasp - and you're good to go. For some online inspo, check out the offerings from Miansai, Tom Ford and Tod's on Mr Porter;

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When it comes to rings, wedding bands are a matter of personal preference. This writer treasures his and wears it with pride. It's picked up a nick or three over the years but actually looks better for it. Symbolism of endurance, yadda, yadda, yadda. To be honest, however, we're still undecided on the whole diamonds on guys question.

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If you want to do the ring thing, limit yourself to one on each hand at most. Yes, Captain Jack Sparrow wannabe, we're talking to you. One of the emerging trends here is the re-emergence of the signet ring - so named as their crested patterns were once used to sign letters with. Aussie It-boy Jordan Barrett is often seen sporting one and if you choose to do likewise, you'll probably find a good deal by hitting up your local vintage stores. Slip it onto your ring or middle finger and wear it like you inherited it.

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