Shock exit: Justin O’Shea is leaving Brioni

Shock exit: Justin O’Shea is leaving Brioni

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Australian fashion personality Justin O’Shea is set to leave Brioni – after just six months in the role

Well that was short and sweet. After being announced as the creative director of Italian menswear label Brioni in March this year, Business of Fashion has reported that Justin O'Shea is leaving the brand after only six months in the job.

O'Shea's appointment was originally a surprise to many, especially considering the former global fashion director for had no formal training or design experience. That said, he was tasked with revitalising the ailing menswear house, which he kickstarted when he cast the heavy metal band Metallica in the brand's campaign. The eyebrow-raising campaign, styled to resemble the cover of Queen's iconic 'Bohemian Rhapsody' single, was also noteworthy for changing the Brioni logo into a more gothic font (similar to the one often used by trendsetting brand Vetements).

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It's something of a sad day for O'Shea, who has cultivated an incredible street style presence alongside German stylist girlfriend Veronika Heilbrunner. His bearded, tatted and suited-up presence at Fashion Week means he's one of the industry's most recognisable dudes, and it was thought his street smart fashion knowledge would push Brioni into a new (lucrative) direction. But perhaps the change was too radical for the Italian menswear brand, whose storied heritage includes outfitting the likes of James Bond, Richard Burton, Clark Gable and Matthew McConaughey?

According to Brioni's parent company Kering's press release "The strategy of revitalisation of Brioni that started at the beginning of this year is set to continue being implemented through a long-term plan aimed to further establish the brand as a leader in the luxury menswear category." We wonder who they'll appoint next? We have no doubt O'Shea will go on to another high profile fashion gig. 

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