Exclusive: Rafael Nadal talks posing for Tommy Hilfiger

Exclusive: Rafael Nadal talks posing for Tommy Hilfiger

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Tennis champ and current world number eight Rafael Nadal has just been announced as the face and, er, torso of the new Tommy Hilfiger underwear campaign. A longtime friend of the American designer, the Spanish-born athlete not only fronts the Tommy Hilfiger underwear collection, he's also suited up for the Tommy Hilfiger Tailored line and the Tommy Hilfiger Bold fragrance. That's a whole lot of Nadal... Here, in our exclusive interview, Nadal reveals more details about his new role with the brand.

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Exclusive: Rafael Nadal talks posing for Tommy Hilfiger (фото 1)

How did your ambassadorship come about?
I've known Tommy and his family for years. When he approached me for the collaboration, I was very excited to work with my friend and one of the world's most renowned fashion designers. I'm honoured to have this opportunity to collaborate with such an iconic American brand. 

What made working with Tommy Hilfiger so memorable?
Working with Tommy is a fantastic experience - he's always got a smile on his face and a positive attitude. He's a very special person with great taste and an eye for design. He always knows what looks best and is good at giving style advice.

What was the atmosphere like on set of your photoshoot?
We shot the campaign imagery in Mallorca, Spain, so I felt right at home. The photoshoot took place at these big old warehouses that had been transformed into an amazing set - the perfect blend of Tommy and tennis. The energy was fantastic.

How do you describe your style, and what do you wear off the court?
When I'm not on the tennis court, my style is quite laidback - I like comfortable, casual pieces for daytime and classic, sophisticated styles for evenings and special occasions.

What do you like about Tommy Hilfiger designs?
From underwear to suiting, Tommy's designs are top quality and always show a strong attention to detail and comfort. Tommy is the master of classic, cool style, and I like how his designs are so easy to wear. He has really perfected the all-American look, but he gives it his signature fun twist that keeps it fresh.

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Exclusive: Rafael Nadal talks posing for Tommy Hilfiger (фото 2)

What's your best styling advice?
Invest in quality; a classic tailored suit will last a lifetime and carry you a long way. Make sure the fit is impeccable - it's worth it to visit a tailor and have your suit altered to fit.

What are the wardrobe essentials every man should own?
A tailored suit and a fitted shirt.

What are your favourite pieces from the Tommy Hilfiger Tailored collection?
Tommy has said that you can't go wrong with a navy blue suit, and that's a great piece of advice. One of my favourite Tommy Hilfiger Tailored styles is the single-breasted navy suit, which is easy to wear with a dress shirt and maybe a tie, depending on the occasion.

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Exclusive: Rafael Nadal talks posing for Tommy Hilfiger (фото 3)

How did you come up with the idea to launch a fragrance with Tommy Hilfiger?
Tommy wanted to complement the collection with a new fragrance that really encapsulates the look and feel of the brand's collections - something that's sophisticated, confident and cool - and I thought it was a great idea.

Where did the fragrance's name, Bold originate?
The name was inspired by having a passion for what you do, and doing what you love with a high level of intensity. It's about living in the moment and enjoying every opportunity to the fullest.

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