If you're a true Star Wars fan, December 17 probably can't come quick enough. Sure, you've had teaser trailers and cool collector's items to sustain you until the next episode, but what you haven't had is a Stormtrooper-themed umbrella, key ring or wallet, have you? Now, thanks to the design brains at Oroton, you can hold a little piece of the galaxy in your pocket.

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Oroton strikes back with an exclusive Star Wars collection

Even though the iconic Australian accessories brand might seem an unlikely choice for a Star Wars collab, they've cleverly managed to invoke the spirit of the George Lucas classic while still retaining the signature Oroton style. Stamped across three key pieces in the Oroton men's collection - the saffiano wallet, enamel key ring and mini umbrella - the monochrome geometric Stormtrooper helmet print is an irreverent yet stylish nod to Darth Vader's troopers for all those professionals by day, Star Wars fan by night kinda dudes. The theme even continues across all the boxed packaging - with a nod towards R2-D2 on the inside of the lid. Get in quick before real Star Wars fever kicks in.

The exclusive three-piece Oroton x Star Wars collection is available from November 30 at Oroton stores and online.

Oroton strikes back with an exclusive Star Wars collection

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