On your bike: yes, it's possible to do cycling in style

On your bike: yes, it's possible to do cycling in style

No lycra required

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David Smiedt tells you how to kick your cycling attire into gear - without resorting to dreaded bike pants

Bicycles are the shizzle, have been for a while now and will continue to be. Environmentally sound, delivering a work out on the way to the office and just plain fun to ride, they have also delivered a whole new dimension of commuter cool to spokey blokes with an eye for style. No Lycra pants required.

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That said, you need your strides to perhaps encompass a greater range of motion than normal jeans so that you can pedal sans chafing (which btw is an excellent name for a French-themed bar). Check out the Creux Grimpeur jeans in raw indigo or the Tranquillo chinos in slate. They look like your regular pants but it's the added extras - cycling specific cut with higher back and lower front, 2mm of chamois padding around your junk for a more comfortable ride and eight per cent Spandex for stretch - that make these the ideal riding pants which are also office friendly.

Up top, you want a jacket that is light yet weatherproof, but doesn't make you look like you've turned up at a Halloween party dressed as the world's biggest condom. Levi's has just the thing with the Commuter trucker jacket which is water and dirt resistant and carries a bit of a rockabilly vibe.

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As a base layer for the summer months, T-shirts and polos are the go. Stick to solid colours in V-necks and for the sake of all those around you, make sure they dry quickly. Uniqlo will sort you out for around $20 a pop. If you're after something a bit more luxe, we hear that local label The Upside is soon to debut a men's activewear line under the skilful hand of Matty Bouris.

When it comes to footwear, sturdy and highcut - to prevent against stones and accidental knocks against the pedals or chain - are the two key factors. The Frank Wright Angel or Brogue boots from Asos will only look better and better with age and road kilometres. You'll also need a backpack to carry around a fresh shirt, a comb to combat helmet hair as well as a phone or tablet. Might we suggest the canvas and leather combos by Brooks England at Mr Porter?

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Cycling is a bit like the red carpet. You really need to be seen. The pattern of the ICNY Half Calf Gradient socks from The Black Wall reflect light so you're visible to surrounding motorists and the breathable fabric offers ankle abrasion protection.

The final touch - no, make that necessity - is a helmet. Thankfully these seem to have a grown a personality in recent years. We're digging on the Varsity Stripe model from Nutcase at Cyclestyle. And oh yes, you'll probably need a bike. Check out the selection at Papillionaire. We like the Café Racer model in Olive or Cermillion.

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