Mr Porter teams up with the latest ‘Kingsman’ film

Mr Porter teams up with the latest ‘Kingsman’ film

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Online retailer Mr Porter and the 'Kingsman' film franchise are proving to be a match made in tailoring heaven

The thrilling plot lines, cunning humour, dapper clothing and all-round sexy spy-ness is back. Earlier this week Kingsman: The Golden Circle dropped its first action-packed trailer; which introduced new faces like Channing Tatum and Hally Berry and acquainted us with our original favourite spy's, Agent Eggsy (played by Taron Edgerton) and Harry Hart (Colin Firth).

And to follow, Menswear retailer Mr Porter are launching another type of sequel - the second collection for their Kingsman franchise. Coming off the success of the first 'costume to collection' line Mr Porter released, the e-retailer is set to launch a new line of Kingsman clothing right before the sequel even hits our screens. 

"Our next instalment brings us to Kingsman: The Golden Circle, where we continue our bespoke narrative with our elite British spies and also introduces a new set of characters to expand the Kingsman 'costume to collection.' With our new characters and story line, I was allowed to explore new avenues with the costumes particularly with the Western influence of the Statesman characters," costume designer Arianne Phillips, explains. "Not only have we established Kingsman as a legitimate men's wear brand, but with each new film, we have more and more opportunities to grow the collection in boundless and organic ways."

As for dressing like a top London spy - this season's collection is all about key pieces like Adidas sneakers, Hunter Wellys, Golden Bear varsity jackets, and Todd Snyder sweatshirts and pants. Watch the epic new trailer, below: 


Kingsman: The Golden Circle and the new Mr Porter collection will both launch this September. 

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