Mankles 101: your guide to the hottest crop in town

Mankles 101: your guide to the hottest crop in town

Show some skin

Text: Yeong Sassall

A flash of ankle is the fastest route to a sartorially sound look, says David Smiedt

Back the in the day - and we're talking long pants here - you only saw two types of man ankles. Or mankles. The first belonged gangly schoolboys whose parents hadn't counted on a Year-12 growth spurt and refused on principal to buy their son a new pair of pants he was only going to wear 'til the end of his HSC. The second mankle demo was men who were awful shoppers. They'd rush into a store, grab a pair of jeans in their waist size (without even registering that the second figure on the label indicated length) and because that princess wasn't going to rescue herself in the video game he was hanging to get back to at home, he couldn't be bothered trying them on.

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Short story? Short story. An unintended void between hem and shoe. Or if you were in the UK, mind the gap.

But here's the thing: with summer approaching, several designers - think Dior Homme and Neil Barrett - have purposely altered their silhouettes to reveal this zone. To pull off this look, which has an undoubted element of casual 'I love St Tropez at this time year' vibe, there are a few pointers you need to take on board.

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First up, put those socks down and back away. Nothing desecrates - and no, that is not too strong a word - this aesthetic than some fabric peeping up from the shoe. Obvs, the best thing to do here is go au naturel, but if you're worried about sweaty feet sliding around in your brogues, a sprinkle of Menscience Body Powder, $30, from, will keep things dryer than Stephen Fry after two martinis. If you absolutely must have socks to feel comfortable, seek out a pair with the lowest cut possible and ensure they sit below the line of the shoe. And like that joke you made at your sister's wedding, we are talking well below the line.

Mankles 101: your guide to the hottest crop in town (фото 1)

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Unless one has a particularly specific fetish, the ankles are not an area many men spend too time thinking about, but do to this look right, a little bit of maintenance will serve you well.

As this skin is going to be in full view, actually you want it to be noticed, you need two things: a good exfoliator to scrub away any dead skin flakes and a moisturiser. The Bulldog Original Face Scrub, $9.99, and Moisturiser, $9.99,, will do the job without wreaking too much havoc on your budget.

Mankles 101: your guide to the hottest crop in town (фото 2)

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If you have any broken capillaries, unsightly blemishes or pigmentation, you may also want to invest in a tinted moisturiser that very gradually builds up a tan that will disguise these interlopers. Again, this doesn't have to be pricey. Dove Summer Glow, $5.69, from, is the go to. Avoid the more hard-core instant fake tans or you'll end up with mankles in a shade that are seriously at odds with the rest of you.

Finally, the most important mankle/pants question: how high is too high and how low is too low?

Easy. Find the bone that sticks out from the outside of the foot round the corner from the heel. We are going to turn this from fibula to fabulous. Next, place your thumbnail on the nobbly zone with your wrist sitting halfway up your calf and your fingers wrapped around your Achilles tendon. Draw an imaginary line where the base of your thumb lies. That's the ideal mankle line for your height. Now get ready to flash that flesh. 

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