This is a man who gave you life, told you awful jokes and probably intimated the hell out of more than a couple of sleazeballs who showed up to take you on dates. He's really not that hard to buy for...

1. Chivas 18 Ultimate Cask Collection whisky, $149, (only available at Duty Free stores).

The Buro guide to: buying Dad a Christmas present

Tell the single-malt snobs to put a cork in it. This new one-litre first-fill offering is finished in American Oak for a smooth and smoky finish. Better still, its flavour profile is a nod to Chivas' 18-Year-Old blend and it's so handsomely presented that a bit of will adjusting may be in order.

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2. Aesop Double Edge Razor, $110,

The Buro guide to: buying Dad a Christmas present

Back in the day, your Dad probably used one of these hefty beauties before moving on to newer technology. They are, however, experiencing a resurgence thanks to the super-smooth result, pleasing heft in the hand and elegant silhouette on a bathroom shelf. Team with Aesop's new Tacit fragrance.

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3. The James Bond Archives 007, approx. $280,

The Buro guide to: buying Dad a Christmas present

There are very few film franchises that men of a certain age have grown up with and Bond is most likely the best. Die Hard? Puh-lease. This tome celebrates the legend which began in 1962 with Dr No through to the recently released Spectre.  The interviews with 150 cast and crew make a compelling spectacle while the behind-the-scenes shots are sublime. For the fashion alone.

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4. Twelve South Bookbook ($111 for Ipad or MacBook),

The Buro guide to: buying Dad a Christmas present

It's almost 2016 and if your Dad hasn't got a tablet or laptop, it's time to grab him by the sideburns and haul him into this century. These hardwearing laptop and tablet protectors look like a weathered old book and just get better with every passing month.

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5. Lamborghini Gallardo/Ferrari F430 drive, $449,

The Buro guide to: buying Dad a Christmas present

For a lot of men, age comes with less of a need to accumulate stuff. Rather, the emphasis shifts to experiences and this one is a ripper for anyone who's ever lusted after anything on four wheels. You get 30 minutes behind the wheel of each of these monsters and a massive tick on the bucket list.

The Buro guide to: buying Dad a Christmas present

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