Ditch these stat and become an adult says David Smiedt

The big 3-0 is a momentous time for a man. A great time too. You look as good as you ever will, you're earning more than you ever had and you're finally finding a sense of who you actually are. You may even be ready - you may need to sit down for this - for a grown up relationship. That said, it's also time to ditch some of the detritus from your previous self, the man you used to be. Some of these are literal - actual things you can pass on to nieces, nephews, siblings and the Salvos. Some are attitudinal, to be packed away in the recesses of your mind and maybe chuckled over decades later with the perspective of time and wisdom. And in keeping with the theme of this piece, there are 30 of them, so brace yourself.

Are you male? Over 30? These things no longer belong in your life