Activewear for men just got hotter: P.E Nation launch menswear

Activewear for men just got hotter: P.E Nation launch menswear

About time!

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P.E Nation have launched menswear so finally your man will understand your activewear addiction

Clear some space in your wardrobe because something tells us your man is going to need a little more hanging space. Women know all too well that when it comes to athleisure the addiction to P.E Nation is very much real (and equally justified). We know how easy it is to get carried away in a click frenzy because this-top-goes-with-these-leggings-which-go-with-this-sports-bra. And now men can finally get their own sweet taste of the sports-luxe addiction, with founder's Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning dropping their inaugural menswear range for P.E Nation on this week. Titled United in Sport, the collection boasts everything you've always loved about P.E Nation designs - oversized silhouettes, colour blocking in primary colours, retro undertones and (of course) large logo branding.

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"We didn't intend for P.E Nation to only be for women. It's a brand with roots anchored in menswear," said co-founder Pip Edwards." The desire to deliver to men what we deliver to women - effortless, comfortable, functional, everyday wear- this has always been our vision. We were getting requests from men weekly - they were already purchasing our sweats and outerwear but they wanted more. This demand just cemented what we knew about menswear being a natural addition to our existing offering."

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The menswear range cements the P.E Nation's new partnership with The Woolmark Company, with styles produced in merino wool. The material acts as thermal temperature control; keeping you cooler in summer, and warm in winter.

United in Sport is available on from this week, and will be launched on from February 15. 

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