7 For All Mankind’s Foolproof denim project

7 For All Mankind’s Foolproof denim project

A new frontier

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Introducing: the most high-performance jeans you’ve ever heard of

As any avid wearer of denim will attest, it's a major bummer when your favourite pair of baby blues stretches, shrinks or loses its shape. It's a problem so common, that cult jeans label 7 For All Mankind have been busy crafting a denim weave so high performance, they've nicknamed it Foolproof.

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7 For All Mankind's men's denim designer Steve Romero told WWD that they were trying to make a denim fabric with "close to zero growth in the wearing and zero shrinkage in the home wash, that would never change no matter how you wear it or how you wash it. We were pretty much trying to make the most stable denim fabric in the world." 7 For All Mankind's president Barry Miguel adds, "We've tried and it seems no matter what you do, you really can't mess these up."

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Touted as intelligent luxury denim, the new range will be available available in three fits - Paxton, Slimmy and The Straight, and three colourways - from Classic Indigo to Alpha and Tribute. The price is estimated to be between USD$198 and $218. Considering they're supposed to be both shrink and fade-proof, it's a small price tag for a major game changer. The release date has yet to be confirmed, so watch this space for updates. 

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