We Are Kindred’s Liv Tyler-inspired MBFWA debut

We Are Kindred’s Liv Tyler-inspired MBFWA debut

Stealing Beauty

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The Sydney brand run by two sisters set to make a cinematic runway debut, says Divya Bala

There's a scene in Bernardo Bertolucci's 1996 film, Stealing Beauty in which a teenage Liv Tyler leads the object of her affection through a rolling, wild field in the afternoon light of the Tuscan sun. She is curious, coquettish and innocent all at the same time. 

We Are Kindred’s Liv Tyler-inspired MBFWA debut (фото 1)

As the starting point for the debut MBFWA runway collection of Sydney brand We Are Kindred, this balance of beauty, fragility and sexuality expresses in a matter of moments the mood and the intrigue of the Kindred girl. "Liv is a bit of a muse," explains Lizzie Renkert, the former editor-in-chief of Madison magazine and the elder of the two sisters (Georgie Renkert has a formidable CV working in production and design for some of Australia's best). "The light and the outdoor nature of that film is so beautiful - the Italian countryside. And the collection has that ethereal, whimsical feel to it. And an innocence."

However, the Kindred girl is no shrinking violet. "There's a real ease about the way the she dresses and you need to have a certain amount of confidence to pull it off, otherwise the prettiness can be overwhelming," explains Lizzie. "It's all in the styling - pairing a floral silk with biker boots rather than a traditional stiletto, for example."

We Are Kindred’s Liv Tyler-inspired MBFWA debut (фото 2)

As a whole, the collections are an effortless exercise in modern bohemia. Watery florals, many of which are designed in-house, punctuate a palette full of colour, (you won't find any black here - the Kindred girl is decidedly anti) embroidery and hand-beading realised in pretty silhouettes engineered for flirtation. "We felt this aesthetic was underrepresented in this market at this price point. Not everyone has $1,000 to spend on a sundress, So, we make a collection that is beautiful quality that is..."

We Are Kindred’s Liv Tyler-inspired MBFWA debut (фото 3)

"Accessible!" finishes Georgie. As sisters often do, they (adorably) finish each other's sentences when excited. It's little wonder that following a slow but steady two-year burn, the duo find themselves debuting at MBFWA and opening up a long-term pop up store in Sydney's storied Glenmore Road in the same week, all in response to demand from a loyal following.. "Everything so far has been organic, any success. We know that we have a strong aesthetic and we've got a girl who really loves us and we want to give her more."

We Are Kindred’s Liv Tyler-inspired MBFWA debut (фото 4)

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