Victoria's Secret Angel Chanel Iman spills on life as a supermodel

Victoria's Secret Angel Chanel Iman spills on life as a supermodel

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In Australia to launch Sunglass Hut's summer campaign, Chanel Iman cuts a striking figure - but she doesn't always have to watch what she eats

Only an international model with a Victoria's Secret contract firmly under her belt could look that stunning in a tight n' white jumpsuit. When she stepped off the plane (a Jetstar A320 emblazoned with her image and that of fellow Sunglass Hut ambassador Georgia May Jagger), her appearance alone elicited gasps from waiting media.

But behind the glamazon façade, what is the 24-year-old superstar, who started modelling when she was just 13 and used to date A$AP Rocky, really like?  We sat down with the star to talk style, fitness and favourite shades.

What's it like seeing your face on a plane?
It's pretty exciting, I didn't know I was actually going to be on the plane. It's like when you see yourself on a billboard for the first time and it's quite a shock. Travelling is my thing and I love being on a plane and here I am in Australia - I really want to get to Hamilton Island before I go.

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What do you look for when you're choosing new sunglasses?
Just a classic Aviator style, they're always great because they're light and easy to travel with. They're classics, they go with everything, the lenses come in different colours and they're just easy to rock and easy to pick out.

How many pairs of sunglasses do you own?
I'm covered for every summer thanks to Sunglass Hut, they've given me so many pairs!

What's your go-to outfit?
Right now I like jumpers [jumpsuits]. I'm wearing the Balmain one today. I used to hate jumpers but they've just grown on me because they're so comfortable and they look chic.

Who's your favourite designer?
I really like Alexander Wang, I wear it every day. Zimmermann is one of my favourites, especially for summer in LA - I go to the Melrose Place store and the one in New York. Rick Owens is another good one.

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Do you follow a particular diet?
No, not right now. I just work out. I like boxing, I like yoga and I love hiking as well.

Are there any foods you don't eat?
Pork. I don't eat pork and I don't eat goat's cheese and I don't eat salmon.

What's your favourite meal?
I like chicken, macaroni and cheese, Mexican, Spanish food - like rice and beans and stuff like that. I cook at home a lot, I love cooking.

Guilty pleasure?
Dessert, chocolate, sweets, apple crumble and ice-cream!

What would you be if you weren't a model?
I think this is the perfect thing for me. I also act, so I'm just working on my acting career every day at the moment.

Chanel Iman's capsule collection of sunglasses will be available at all Sunglass Hut stores across Australia from November 18, with select styles also available to pre-purchase from Jetstar Duty Free on  

Victoria's Secret Angel Chanel Iman spills on life as a supermodel (фото 3)

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