Swim fit: Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman’s bikini secrets

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Tash Oakley is living the dream as a swimwear entrepreneur and Insta-star.  Here, she chats to us about everything she's learned 

Australia has bred its fair share of bikini babes, but when you narrow the spectrum down to digitally-savvy, Insta-famous influencers of serious, er, influence, there are only a few names of note. Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman, with their combined 3.48m Instagram followers are literally the living embodiment of the bikini-babe-turned-entrepreneur. And thanks to Monday Swimwear's size-inclusive ethos, they're bringing a new sense of body positivity to a generation of young women raised on a steady diet of Victoria's Secret models and thigh gaps.

Here, Tash Oakley shares her summer 2018 tips and why Monday Swimwear has chosen to make a stand on sizing conventions.

Talk us through the decision to abolish XL and XXL sizing in your range.
Aside from our bust, Devin and I are the same 'size' in clothing, but this tends to fluctuate with swimwear. Each of us own suits that range from XS-XXL, so we fully appreciate the frustration of having to settle for suits that fit some parts, but not others. Devin was especially passionate about wanting to offer a realistic and conscientious size range that would allow women to choose suits that were the right fit for them without being discouraged by conventional labels - so we changed our sizing! The V range (V for Voluptuous, VV for Very Voluptuous) is designed for women with DDD-F cups, is fully adjustable, and can be customised to fit the way you want to feel; comfortable, supported, and stylish.

What swimsuit styles are universally flattering on all shapes and sizes?
Every person who tries the Bahamas one piece wants to take it home with them. It's a classic suit, sexy, extremely comfortable, soft and features a support shelf inside for larger busts, so in terms of being figure-friendly, the Bahamas one piece definitely ticks all the boxes. A classic triangle, like our Palma suit, translates perfectly to almost all body shapes, so it's an obvious fave, and the Clovelly top is also a real winner universally. It's feminine, flattering on small and large busts alike, comfy and very on trend this season.

What are some of the best exercises for toning your beach body?
Anything that works your core for killer abs, and plenty of squats and lunges for the beach butt you've been wanting in time for Summer. We swear by the BodyByGilles workout guide to get in shape quickly... It's a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout you can do any time, anywhere, and it's perfect for all fitness levels!

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Do you ever feel a lack of confidence when wearing a bikini? How do you fight it?
I'm in a bikini almost every day of the year, so there are definitely days when I feel less confident than others, but I've found a recipe for boosting confidence levels if I'm feeling a little drained, and working out is definitely one of them. I feel best when I am healthy and in shape, mentally and physically. Travelling constantly can take a toll so it's important for me to be fit. I have shoots, meetings and travel everyday including weekends and holidays!

To stay in shape, I work out a minimum of 4 times a week, my routine changes depending on where I am in the world but eating healthy and staying hydrated are also a big part of being fit for me. If I can stick to these standards I find it much easier to keep a positive attitude and have the confidence I need to be in a bikini!

What does your diet look like in the summer months?
Devin and I are by no means strict with our diet, however we naturally gravitate towards healthy food. Growing up in Hawaii and Australia we were brought up eating fresh produce, lots of veggies, and fruit. We believe it's all about moderation, portion control and a balanced lifestyle. Since going vegan my diet has changed slightly, but the foundation of my diet (plant-based wholefood) is still the same. I've completely cut out dairy and meat which has seriously boosted my energy levels and, with so many delicious substitutes to choose from, has completely eliminated any naughty cravings that would usually leave me feeling bloated and heavy. Veganism isn't for everyone, but seasonwise, Summer is definitely the perfect time to try it out.

Are there any foods you avoid for any reasons?
I personally don't consume any animal products as I've adopted a completely vegan diet, so plant based wholefoods are my go to. Aside from any recent changes to my diet, Devin and I have always tried our best to stay away from any overly processed food products.

Everyone always recommends fake tanning for looking good in a bikini - do you have any fave products?
Devin and I are strong advocates of sun protection so we do occasionally turn to faux tan to add a sun kissed look to our skin. We both have naturally olive skin and find anything with a slight shimmer does an amazing job, like the St Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil for the body. For the face we love St Tropez's Self Tan Express Face Sheet Mask for a little glow.

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