Style icon Ines de la Fressange on the French approach to fashion

Style icon Ines de la Fressange on the French approach to fashion

The OG French It-girl

Text: Yeong Sassall

She wrote the book on French style and despite hitting the big 6-0 this year, shows no signs of hitting the brakes

Model, Chanel muse and mother-of-two lucky, lucky girls Ines de la Fressange is the epitome of style and ageing gracefully. Encompassing that term that is now trotted about all too often (French chic), fortunately for de la Fressange, she has the goods to back up her reputation. Serving as muse to Karl Lagerfeld for many years (now can you see why her daughters are so lucky? What a wardrobe to inherit), Ines also moonlights as a L'Oréal ambassador and has written a series of books about what else? French style.

In this interview originally published by Buro 24/7 Mexico, the Roger Vivier ambassador shares a few of her most charming sartorial guidelines.  

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Roger Vivier is credited with creating the stiletto, still widely worn today. What do you think makes the stiletto heel so timeless compared to other styles that come and go?
Because it's an exclamation point! It means: surprise, joy, enthusiasm.

What is your favourite piece from the new Roger Vivier A/W '18 collection?
The Black Patent Podium Square Bootie boots: the best way to be elegant, trendy and rock n'roll. They will twist every outfit into something great.

You have been involved with the design process of many different brands, from Roger Vivier to your own to others; what do you think makes a brand stand out from the rest in the over-saturated market that we live in?
Ignore fashion: is the best way to stay fashionable. Never copy but stay informed. Also have courage!

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What do you think gives French women that famous je ne sais quoi for which you are so well known yet is so incredibly difficult for all of us non-Frenchies to attain?
Dress up for you, to feel good, and you will look stunning. French girls dress up to find some self-confidence. They know that if they feel good, they will seduce and that it' not their clothes that are going to seduce.

You are consistently mentioned on international best dressed lists and are even in the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame! What do you think characterises people with style? Do you think people are born with style or people can develop it?
Oh yes, did you see that?! I am the first surprised! [laughs] Actually, I never care about brands and I mix up vintage and new, sophisticated and casual with freedom. Maybe "Style" is when you don't want to show off and love fashion without being obsessed to be trendy. It's a spirit: everyone can catch it. The best way is to stay informed, educate yourself and have good thoughts.

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What are 5 key items in any stylish women's wardrobe?
1.        A nice pair of shoes, like a pair of patent ballerina flats from Roger Vivier for example
2.       A pair of white jeans (perfect everywhere in all seasons)
3.        A navy blue sweater (looks good on everybody and gives nice complexion)
4.       A basket (often better than an expensive handbag, gives freshness)
5.        A navy blue coat (great with sneakers and with everything!)

You will be turning 60 this summer, what are you most proud of from a career perspective?
Oh yes. How well informed you are! [laughs] Listen, I am proud that you asked me the question! I've been around since the late '70s and you think I still have something to say! [laughs]

What advice would you give women regarding ageing beautifully?
1.        Don't try to look young: only old ladies are obsessed by that
2.       Keep on going in high street shops and non-expensive places to buy clothes
3.        Smile : your wrinkles won't show as much
4.       Don't wear all your jewels together
5.        Avoid furs (it makes you look older)
6.       Listen to the Rolling Stones and dance in your dressing room

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Your daughter is turning 18 - what is the greatest thing she has taught you?
"Don't wear that leather jacket your friend told you to buy: it's not your style!"

What does fashion mean to you?
Something that when I understand it, it's already too, so [it's] impossible to follow but I still want to be informed because even if I don't like it now, maybe later I will! In short: I love clothes above all and sometimes I change my mind.

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