Sarah Ellen: my 15 favourite things

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The new face of Bonds' A/W '17 campaign shares her life and loves

She's just 19, but Sarah Ellen's Instagram feed alone is enough to make a grown adult weep. A perky YouTube star at the angsty age of 14, she's now swapped vlogging for a stint on Neighbours and an enviable life spent jetsetting around Paris, New York and LA working with brands like Dior, Prada and Saint Laurent beauty. In fact, she's so well-connected she even did a shoot with us last year for Dolce & Gabbana... Did we mention she's still a teenager?

But even though her blog keeps her connected to her million-plus online followers, Sarah Ellen is on the hunt for new adventures, and is currently spending time in LA for pilot season. As she says of her new nomadic lifestyle, "I'm planning on travelling for the next few months. It's thrilling not having a place to call home. [I'm] excited to see where life will take me."

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