Samantha Harris on Pilates, beauty secrets and shredding

Samantha Harris on Pilates, beauty secrets and shredding

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Yeong Sassall chats to one of the beautiful faces of Westfield’s new A/W ’16 campaign – model Samantha Harris

200 fashion beauty and lifestyleWith her exotic features (a perfect mix of Aboriginal, Dutch, English and German heritage), poise and sweet-as-pie personality, Samantha Harris is one of Australia's best-loved local models. So it's pretty easy to see why Westfield chose her stunning face and unique features to star in its latest campaign - a big, bold, family-inspired affair spanning four decades of Australian celebs. Shot in a huge Sydney mansion alongside other stylish luminaries such as Dame Edna, Sarah Ellen and Say Lou Lou, we sat down with Sam to chat about the A/W '17 campaign and her secret to always being camera-ready....

You're in the new Westfield Family campaign. What was it like to shoot? There were so many people involved!
Yeah, I don't think I've ever been in a shoot that big, with so many different cast members. It was fun!

Where was it shot?
It was giant house in Darling Point - the Swift mansion. It was a really great experience - the first time I've worked with Westfield and I was really happy and honoured to be part of the 2017 A/W campaign.

What other projects are you working on?
This week is VAMFF, so I'll go to Melbourne which will be a busy and fun week. I've also worked quite a lot for Priceline doing beauty shoots and things like that.

I noticed you just celebrated your wedding anniversary - congratulations! What did you do?
I did, thank you [laughs]. We just went out for a nice quiet dinner. It was our third year anniversary.

What kind of exercise are you doing at the moment?
I do a mix. If I do the same thing I get really bored and I don't want to do it. I started doing KX Pilates, it's reformer Pilates and it's so good! You exercise lying down - it's my favourite thing to do. It does your entire body. [I find] to go to the gym and do weights - obviously it depends on your body type - but you can get a bit muscly. But with Pilates, it just lengthens your muscles, so you're still toned but you're long and lean.

I'll also do boot camp - small group training which uses a lot of body weight, box jumps and that kind of stuff. I also do cardio at the gym or go for a run outside. And then I might do the occasional Spin class but they're getting really hard because now the bikes light up and you can't slack off anymore!

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How often do you train?
I try and train every weekday. Obviously if I'm working I'll do something on the weekend - I try and train five times a week.

Do you follow a particular diet?
I do try and keep it healthy, obviously everything in moderation. But I do burger s and all that kind of fun stuff too. Recently I've been following one of my trainer's e-books, it's a 28-day shred and I've been doing that for the last month. It's been really great - good food, portion controlled and you don't feel restricted. It's the 28 Day Shred Challenge by Kristy Curtis.

What's your day on a plate?
For breakfast I love smoothies, they're just quick and easy. I usually have a banana and berry smoothie for breakfast. A snack would be a piece of fruit, some nuts or rice crackers with cottage cheese and tomato. Lunch would be meat and green vegies or a salad wrap. And then a snack in the afternoon would be a boiled egg or fruit. Dinner is meat and vegies. So not really that exciting! My favourite part of the day is my smoothie [laughs].

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What trends are you loving this season? What's on your winter shopping list?
My favourite trend would have to be velvet - I love it. I have a navy blue velvet Witchery dress which I love. On my list is a big statement jacket, some boots and a scarf.

What's your beauty philosophy?
What you put in your body shows in your skin. I try to take care of my skin - if I go out in the sun I make sure I have a moisturiser with sunscreen, I always remove all my make-up. My beauty tips are basic, but effective. And I use rosehip oil on my face every night, but not during the day because it's too oily.

What are your top 5 beauty products?
Garnier micellar water, Lanolips lip balm, Cinch (a pore minimiser/primer), Neutrogena moisturiser with SPF and rosehip oil. I also really like the Nude by Nature Sheer Glow BB Cream, it's really nice and light and doesn't look like you have a lot of make-up on.

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