Rihanna spills on Dior, her new movie and getting fit for her next album

Rihanna spills on Dior, her new movie and getting fit for her next album

Dior’s latest girl

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With an eighth album in the works, a much-buzzed-about turn as the face of Dior's next campaign and a starring role in DreamWorks' animation Home - Rihanna has certainly been a busy girl. Buro 24/7 Russia sat down with the alluring singer and got to know her a little better.

How much do you relate your character in Home?
I adore her personality, she's very brave, very fearless, very determined, but very sassy. I identify with a lot of those traits - especially the sass.

In the movie, your character Tip makes a reference to Barbados. Has growing up there shaped you?
Everything - from my school life to my home life, to my culture. You are who you are and there's a foundation that was built for sixteen years before I moved to America. No matter what, I've always stayed close to my family, friends and people from home. I always go back home and always try to stay close to that and never lose it. So it's a part of me and it's a part of the film - in my character's accent and attitude.

What was your life like in Barbados? Did you always aspire to be a big singer?
I believed it so much that it happened. It was so far from reality, but back then it didn't seem far. Only now in hindsight, I look back and that was a really big dream for a little girl from a small island!

Rihanna spills on Dior, her new movie and getting fit for her next album (фото 1)

They say it's lonely at the top - can you relate to your character in the film being lonely?
What is the top? You're never there. If you ever feel that you're on top, you only have down to go and I don't ever want to feel comfortable enough to say that. But, in regards to this film and being lonely, you could imagine being on tour. I tour for like a year at a time sometimes, and after all that time, you just want something familiar. It does get lonely and you do have a really strong connection to the fans because they become what you know.

How difficult is it to be a strong woman these days?
I think women are way stronger than they know. And I think they know their strength, but sometimes they just don't feel like being strong. I'm really inspired by the strength that women of this generation and young girls have. I feel this film is something that's going to [give strength] to a lot of teenage girls who need it. Tip is so bold and real - even in her body and the way she dresses. Her hair is free and not perfect, and I feel like little girls are going to feel comfortable being strong and just themselves.

Rihanna spills on Dior, her new movie and getting fit for her next album (фото 2)

How does it feel to be in the Dior campaign?
Dior is just class. It speaks of timelessness, beauty and elegance. Just to be acknowledged by them, I feel very special. Not just as a woman of colour - I think that's brilliant as well - but as a woman. 

How was the experience of being in Paris and shooting the campaign?
It was especially memorable because I went to the Palace of Versailles, which is so incredible. There's so much history there, just to be there lying on the couch looking at the beautiful paintings on the ceiling - it was so surreal and awesome.

You seem to live a very glamorous life. But what's the biggest misconception about you and your home life?
At home, I just watch TV - I'm so boring. But outside of that, I'm spontaneous and I love to get out, see things and travel. The world has so much to offer that there's never enough. I love exploring, trying new things and listening to different types of music. 

Is there anything you love to watch?
Reality TV that is awful. And movies - I love documentaries. Late at night, I only watch cartoons because I don't want to get scared.

Rihanna spills on Dior, her new movie and getting fit for her next album (фото 3)

What are your fitness and skincare secrets?
Well, I eat tons of mac and cheese - no, really - I do. But I'm getting back into working out and eating cleaner little by little. I hate vegetables, but I'm learning how to incorporate them one by one into my diet and drown them with other things. Now that it's album and video time, it's time to get fit and get tight. And my face? This is Mila Morales, my make-up artist! I take no credit for this. I don't have a regime, I just moisturise, use make-up wipes and wash with water.

With your duet with Eminem for 'The Monster' - did the song come first or did Eminem approach you?
Eminem actually approached me with the song. It was a duet before it was a solo. But he played it and the words were so deep and honest, and at the time they were very, very real to me. I felt like it was my story and this was something coming from two different points of view. Eminem and I stood on opposite spectrums of domestic abuse, and in that way we were able to put a lot of light on the situation without becoming too preachy.

How did you react of the photos recently of the woman who tattooed your face on her body?
You know what? I met her a while ago and she asked me to sign her arm, and the next day I saw her again, she'd had it tattooed. That was years ago. I haven't seen her much since then, so I guess she just never stopped.