Meet the woman behind MBFWA's breakout denim show

Meet the woman behind MBFWA's breakout denim show


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Five minutes with Vale denim designer, Amber D'Enett

After spending a few years crafting her brand into cult status, designer Amber D'Enett presented her first Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia runway presentation last week. Here, she chats to Divya Bala on denim, DIY and debuts

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How are you feeling about your MBFWA debut?
Very excited!!!

What inspired you to present this year?
Since I started the brand in 2014, I've focussed first on sales both locally and internationally and we have sold in Paris and London.  It felt like it was the right time to do a show locally to present and position Vale as a fashion denim brand and to support our existing retailers. 

What is your all-time, favourite denim piece in your wardrobe?
Our focus is always denim!! We design our collections with this in mind and then build beautiful fashion to pair back with it. I grew up in a tropical city and so it was always warm, I customised a pair of Levi's 501's into shorts and they became my staple for years in my wardrobe. With Vale, I aspire to create denim pieces that have that same quality that you want to keep in your wardrobe. 

What was the starting point for this collection?
I live by the bay of Sydney Harbour and was inspired by the yachting lifestyle which became the starting point for the Vale Resort 2017/18 collection.  Then I approached [stylist] Mark Vassallo to discuss creative direction and he was very excited to build on the concept. The collection is my debut at MBFWA so this inspiration was carried through into the styling and presentation of the show.

What are your favourite fabrics, finishes and techniques to work with in your collections?
Always 100% cotton denim, tee's and shirting. We like the feel and how 100% denim moulds to everyones body individually.  This season I've introduced linen as it's a breathable, light weight fabric which has a sense of luxury to it as well. 

What's one thing you wish someone had told you about putting on a show?
How many elements are involved in the whole process of producing a show to create something memorable and how emotional it would be to see my vision come to life on the catwalk.   It was really rewarding and I can't wait to do it again!! 

Who has been you favourite wearer of Vale so far?
I would have to say my favourite thing is when someone I don't know at all walks by in one of the pieces I made.  I love seeing Vale when I'm out and about on the street!  

Meet the woman behind MBFWA's breakout denim show (фото 2)

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