Meet the model-endorsed swim label making a splash in Oz

Meet the model-endorsed swim label making a splash in Oz


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Following a small sojourn in Sydney to throw a fabulous pool party (what else?) for the industry’s finest, swimwear designer Marysia Reeves chats all things teeny weeny

For a label still in its infancy, Los Angeles-based Marysia enjoys a strong celebrity following, finding particular favour with the world's most beautiful bikini bodies. Think: Behati Prinsloo, Anja Rubik and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Couture finishings, retro palettes and fashion-forward cuts have seen Marysia be swept up by stores such as Net-a-Porter, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman and inspired a cult-like following. Here, the designer Marysia Reeves talks to Buro about her best-selling brand.

Founder, Marysia Reeves

Why do you think people are responding to Marysia so well?
Perhaps because of the way [the suits are] sewn and the way it fits. The scalloped edging is cut by hand so there's no stitching or elastic at the edge, giving a nice fit without pinching the body.

So the fit is great and the fabric is amazing and those two things are the most important in swimwear. It's a classic thing that I think everyone can style in their own way and make it their own.

What inspired you to start the brand?
I definitely saw an opportunity because at the time there wasn't really any small boutique brands that sold swimwear as part of fashion. That's why you see a lot of times my colours are pretty muted and unexpected for swim.

There's an almost retro feel to your pieces, what is your inspiration or starting point?
I think it's hard to pin point. As I design, I add to things. I try to not be too influenced by trends. When I first started I looked at vintage books a lot [for palettes] and what has been done with swimwear in the past and try to do something different.

Models lounge in the collection at Marysia's poolside event in Sydney

What makes a Marysia suit special?
Everything is cut by hand - the edges of the scallop are all cut by hand. These are more expensive techniques, almost like embroidery work and then cutting by hand.

What do you think of Australian swim style?
This is my first time coming here so I'm just starting to observe - I've only been to Bondi beach! From what I understand, Australian girls prefer more casual and easy pieces but I think there is the customer there that loves fashion like anywhere else. I think there are women who want their swimwear to be just as special as the gown in their closet.

What are you excited about this year?
I'm just excited about growing and really perfecting our craft, growing it slowly and making sure that everything is really on-brand and thought out and we're really connecting with our customers.


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