Meet BØRNS, the Gucci-approved rocker with style to steal

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Hand-picked by fashion's finest, the American singer walks a stylish line - and blurs another at the same time, says Divya Bala 

There is no doubt that Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele has struck upon a zeitgeist. His dandy, gender-binary-blurring, plucked-from-the-bins-of-thrift-stores aesthetic has reawakened the once-sleepy house into a buzz brand, inspiring legions of followers enchanted by his definition of the now. So, when Michele points out the latest object of his attention, it is in one's best interests to take note.

Taking the form of 24 year old Michigan-born singer Garrett Borns (or BØRNS, his on-stage moniker), Michele's newest muse does, indeed, spark immediate creative synapses. His personal brand of '60s, SoCal synth-pop instantly recalls lazy, sun-drenched, summer memories - a clue as to why his debut album was entitled Dopamine, perhaps - while his louche, effeminate, sartorial inclinations bring to mind a young Keith Richards or Mick Jagger at peak Marrakesh mania. Think daisy-print double denim, clashing leopard and paisley print, lace shirts, burgundy velvet and gauzy, glittery vintage tops - it's little wonder Gucci earmarked him as an ambassador (of sorts) for their flamboyant collections. See if you can spot his influence on the recent A/W '16 womenswear collection, which you can also watch in full here.

Dopamine by BØRNS is out now. 

Meet BØRNS, the Gucci-approved rocker with style to steal (фото 1)

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