Louise Van de Vorst on modelling and motherhood

Louise Van de Vorst on modelling and motherhood

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A model mum: Louise Van de Vorst chats balancing her baby with work and her latest creative project with G-Star

A lot has changed in the past few years for Aussie model, Louise Van de Vorst, but that has in no way slowed her down. Balancing raising her criminally cute (almost) 2 year-old son with castings and campaign shoots, Van de Vorst is also collaborating with G-Star for the brand's upcoming RAW RADIO exhibition. Partnering with SONY, the creative event will see local fashion and music creatives come together to showcase their musical and visual interpretations of G-Star's ELWOOD X25 prints. We chatted to the model mum on all things motherhood, staying healthy and the fusion of music and fashion.  

You're the mum of a gorgeous little boy. How has life and work changed since becoming a mum?

Oh thank you! He is a darling isn't he! Everything has actually changed a lot, but for the better.  Things are definitely busier since having Rosie, but I have never been happier. [I have] a lot less time to overthink, or sweat the small stuff. I feel more focused and inspired and excited for the future now I get to share it with him. At this point I am lucky enough to have him with me on [my] modelling jobs.  


What's the best thing about being a mum?

 Waking up every day and Roosevelt being the [first] person or thing I get to see.

The nature of your work involves staying in shape, how you manage this with being a mum?

Having an [almost] 2 year-old is probably the best work out I have ever done. We lead a busy life together; between carrying him, chasing him - I feel my exercise input has minimised, but I am actually working out so much more than before being a mum. We also always try to walk to jobs or castings.


 What is your go-to exercise regime?

Right now, it's whenever I have time, and it's more of an organic evolution.  I rotate my regime more around diet these days. Making sure I eat well and often rather than exercise at this point in my life.

 How do you feel music and fashion go hand in hand?

I think creatively everything is one big melting pot. Art, fashion [and] music all provoke feelings. I think music can create and change a mood, as can something you put on your body. I find a lot of inspiration through music so this project was a natural fit for me.

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What is your favourite piece from the G-Star ELLWOOD X25 collection and what do you style with it?

My favourite style [are] the navy Toile De Jouy Print pants, inspired by French 18th century patterns. They remind me of old ceramics I use to own growing up and the finish makes them feel like chic pyjamas. I've always loved wearing old kimonos or vintage silk pyjamas, so these were by far my favourite style. I wear mine with white tanks, or oversized linen shirts.

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