An Australian in Paris: Lindy Klim’s French moment

Site: Yeong Sassall

Image: Rudy Zverina

The French might be known for their innate flair for fashion, but Lindy Klim proves that Aussie designers can riff with the best of them, too...

With the beauty of Paris as backdrop and a selection of Louis Vuitton's finest handbags under her arm, the ever chic Lindy Klim shows us how to wear some of Australia's finest labels. The Milk & Co. founder has previously shared her Melbourne and Bali city guides with us, but it's the way she wears labels like Christopher Esber, Romance Was Born, Strateas.Carlucci, Michael Lo Sordo and Bassike that's really impressing us. Talk about taking on the French capital in style...

An Australian in Paris: Lindy Klim’s French moment (фото 1)

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