Model-on-the-rise Georgia Fowler's exercise and diet secrets

Model-on-the-rise Georgia Fowler's exercise and diet secrets

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Text: Anna McClelland

Chanel show? Tick. Vogue Paris? Tick. Leonardo DiCaprio AND Harry Styles? Tick, tick, tick.

Yep - New Zealand-born, New York/Sydney-based Georgia Fowler has ticked off some pretty massive life goals. Since Karl Lagerfeld gave the rising star her big break in 2012, Fowler has lent her jaw-droppingly beautiful face to numerous big-name shows and campaigns, from Balenciaga to Victoria's Secret to H&M.

Her most recent work, however, is a little closer to home: alongside Aussie model Megan Blake Irwin, Fowler fronts Kookai's sun-drenched S/S '16-17 Cruise collection campaign. Dressed in off-the-shoulder broderie anglaise, floral print mini-dresses and must-buy playsuits, Fowler's secret weapon is the beach bod you've always wanted. Below, she clues us in on exactly what she does to look so damn flawless.

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Tell us about shooting the campaign for Kookai. Did you have any favourite looks from the collection?
I couldn't pick just one, but a few that stood out were the Spanish-inspired red off the shoulder patterned dress we shot last that I adored, and the rose/champagne coloured structured dress with boning under the bust that was stunning! 

What kind of exercise classes/training do you do before a big shoot or runway show?
I try to stay in shape all the time, usually shoots or shows book only a few days prior so it's a bit late to be working on a six-pack by then! 

What's your average day on plate?
Eggs, avo, tomato and spinach for brekkie, or some sort of omelette or shakshouka - I'm a sucker for eggs and could eat them for any meal - with hot sauce of course! Lunch and dinner would be some sort of protein - usually fish or chicken, with a yummy salad or roast veg with good fats - either half an avo or some nuts or dressing. I'll snack on a protein bar, piece of fruit, nuts and sometimes a froyo or chocolate if I'm feeling naughty - everything in moderation! 

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Do you stick to any particular diet?
I am pretty flexible with my diet, I'm lucky I like to exercise and enjoy healthy foods so I don't have to think too much about a diet as such. I think what's most important is to eat whole foods - processed foods, sugar and carb-based diets aren't easily digested and leave you feeling sluggish and out of shape. 

If you were going to have a cheat day, what would you eat?
I do love a good Aussie burger, but would much prefer a homemade one, than say a fast food burger - give me a quality meat patty, egg, pineapple, beetroot... all the goods! 

What's your exercise regime like? How many times a week do you train?
I try to go to the gym five times a week, and I always mix up my routine - not only does it shock the body, but it keeps it exciting for me! I like to rotate boxing, spinning, and Pilates classes with weights and gym work or even a walk/run. It's hard to keep up any routine whilst traveling, but getting the heart rate going is the best way to fight jetlag so I often travel with a skipping rope and do a Nike Training App workout in my hotel room - even if it's only for 20 minutes. 

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Do you have any workout tips that you swear by?
I used to love working out really hard, at boot camps etc, but I've learned from working with personal trainers now it's not all about how heavy the weights are you are lifting, it's about really concentrating on working the correct muscle, and sometimes the smallest movements are more beneficial and give a harder workout! 

What's your most hated exercise move?
I don't have any moves I particularly dislike, but I don't like when classes want you to do moves so quickly that you lose form and could end up hurting yourself - I see it far too much. 

How do you stay motivated to workout when you travel so much?
It's not easy, sometimes I'm just exhausted and the last thing I feel like doing is working out after a long shoot. However, it's part of my job, and I know once I do workout I feel a lot better. I try to get it over and done with in the morning before I shoot or fly. And sign up for classes in advance so you can't skip out on them!

You're from New Zealand, but have also lived in England and now New York. Which place do you classify as home?
Home is a funny one, my heart will always be spread all over the world but home is wherever my family is at that point of time. Now I actually call Sydney home, though I didn't grow up here, it's where my mum, dad, sis and niece live, and I'm half Aussie, so though I didn't grow up here it's home to me now! 

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