Karen Walker reveals her stylish new stationery collab

Karen Walker reveals her stylish new stationery collab

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The New Zealand designer teams up with An Organised Life to launch a unique set of notebooks

As a mother, a woman at the head of her own fashion empire and a frequent flyer whose booming brand ensures she finds herself on a plane every 10 days or so, it's safe to say that designer Karen Walker knows how to stay organised.

Here, she discusses her new collaboration with Beck Wadworth of New Zealand-based stationery and lifestyle brand, An Organised Life.

How did this collaboration come about?
My team's been using An Organised Life stationery for a while and when Beck approached us earlier this year we were thrilled to say yes; we're all about good ideas, great design and combining style with function. 

Why the move into stationery?
I love well-designed and well-crafted stationery  - Moleskine and Smythson of Bond Street are a way of life and to be able to create our own beautiful story in paper and card was a dream. 

Would you call yourself an organised person?
Very. I clock up around 200,000kms every year and am working from planes and hotel rooms often so my schedule needs to be well organised. Nothing beats a well-organised list to clear the mind. 

Do you have any special organisation hacks?
My own diary and to do list are of course extremely well organised, and my team are all super organised people - much more so than me most of the time and that makes life easier.  Of course, sometimes being super organised can drive people nuts - my eight-year-old doesn't seem to understand why I insist that her Lego is colour coded in compartmentalised plastic boxes but I know the system works!

What was the inspiration behind the aesthetic?
The minimalist look of this collaboration has come from Beck; it's her signature take on stationery that we wanted to preserve in this collaboration.

The prints were designed for collections. The 'Revolutionary Floral' and 'Pathways' are from previous collections 'Utopia' (inspired by the contrasting nature of Hare Krishna style) and 'Time Machine' (inspired by the 70s sci-fi time-travel TV series 'Sapphire and Steel') and the flames are from our current summer collection 'Magnetic' (inspired by photographer Berenice Abbott's personal style). The flame print is in-store now in navy/scarlet as silk dresses and blouses.

Did youkeep a journal as a child? 
I loved the idea of it and did try from time to time but could never keep it up.  I'd always trail off by mid-January. 

Notebooks or tablets?
I'm working off a laptop screen most of the day but there's still a fair amount of time spent with a blank page and a pencil.

Why is it important for people to continue with the ar' of pen and paper writing?
There are plenty of occasions where handwritten notes are much more appropriate than screens or emails. Somehow, they just mean more.

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