Jess Gomes on runway prep: “I don’t go near fruit”

Jess Gomes on runway prep: “I don’t go near fruit”

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As she prepares to take the stage at tonight’s David Jones spring/summer ’16 show, model and DJs ambassador Jessica Gomes shares 10 fun facts with Yeong Sassall

After taking the reins as David Jones' ambassador in 2013, Jess Gomes' career has only flourished in the last few years. Now a household name, the LA-based beauty is stretching her wings beyond the runway and into Hollywood, shooting films like Going Under with Bruce Willis (out in July 2017) and Bastards (out January 2017) opposite Owen Wilson and Ed Helms. Not bad for a former Perth girl. Here, Jess gets honest about her fitness regime, diet and why she'd make a brilliant Pocahontas. 

1. What's an average day on a plate for you, in the lead up to the show?
It has been so crazy! I landed in Australia a week ago from LA, then I had fittings and shoots to do, then I flew to New Zealand for two days to do the opening of the David Jones store there, then I flew to Melbourne to do The Project, then back to New Zealand to do a shoot. I got back to Sydney last night, so I haven't really had a moment to prepare and be like, 'Ok I'm going to go get a massage.' I'm getting a couple of things in tomorrow morning.

When I'm at home in LA, I do Pilates and I train with my trainer, but I've been really busy. I really just take care of myself. I make sure I'm hydrated, taking all of my vitamins, you know the last thing I want is to be sick, especially with all the travel. So I'm early to bed, I don't drink - my lifestyle is pretty healthy. I don't really need to tweak much. I don't go as crazy as I used to on the body stuff, I think I'm more chill and relaxed about it now and I feel really comfortable in my own skin. I feel very grown up and womanly and I think it's a different frame of mind.

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2. Did you cut any food in prep for the show?
Carbs. Obviously I'm not going to eat a burger or a pizza before the show! I definitely keep it really simple: soups, salads, fish, lots of warm bone broths as well, they're good for this weather. Eggs in the morning. I don't go near fruit at all because I find it bloats me. I had a smoothie this afternoon with protein, blueberries and coconut water. I just try and keep it really clean and not heavy. It just makes me feel better too - I need a lot of energy for the show so I kind of preserve myself beforehand.

3. What training are you doing at the moment?
I'm doing Pilates reformer and I've also been doing boxing and sprints on the treadmill. Because I've been travelling and go, go, go - at night I'll just do a steam and stretch. Or just toning exercises - keep it tight.

4. What's your all-time favourite song to walk the runway to?
I like really whimsical, deep, emotional stuff to walk to - I don't know why! It just puts me in a bit of mood. Something like Florence + the Machine, Radiohead or Sia - anything dramatic. I remember I did a Josh Goot show and he had a really good soundtrack that was all hip-hop - it was really cool.

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5. What's the first thing you're going to eat after the show?
Probably some spaghetti from Fratelli. How good is Fratelli?! That's what I'm going to do. Especially because it's winter - look at the weather.

6. Describe your favourite look from tomorrow's show
I would have to say my Zimmermann dress - it's metallic, with beautiful French lace - it's stunning.

7. What items are on your wishlist for spring/summer?
Some really nice Gucci sunglasses, a Chloé tan bag, an Ellery bandanna scarf and a black '90s slip dress by Ginger & Smart. Christopher Esber does a great one too - I love the '90s slip dress.

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8. Last time you walked for David Jones you'd just shot a movie with Bruce Willis. Who's the one person - dead or alive - you'd most want to work with?
I would have loved to work with Marlon Brando because he's so amazing. Tom Hardy - I think he'd be really cool. And Paul Newman! But there are so many people I want to work with - Toni Collette and Kate Winslet. There are so many Australian actresses I'd like to work with, too.

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9. The one movie or TV role you've always wanted to play?
I'd love to play a superhero, like Wonder Woman or something very comic [book]. And I've been such a fan of Bond films from a young age, so I'd love to be a part of those. Or Pocahontas - a native Pocahontas, kind of like The Revenant.

That sounds amazing - you should pitch that...
Doesn't it? They need to do a story about Pocahontas and it needs to be gritty, not so Disney. You know how they remade Snow White - they should do that with Pocahontas but it needs to be gritty, tragic and a love story. And they need a really good John Smith. Who could play John Smith? Hemsworth - Liam or Chris; or even Luke Bracey... I feel like I could really do Pocahontas, and Alejandro [González Iñárritu] needs to direct it...

10. If you could do any other job in the world, what would it be?
An interior designer or set designer. Anything to do with design or production. Movie sets would be fun, but I'd love to learn about design and how to create spaces, I think that would be cool.

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