"I never really diet"; Heidi Klum talks fitness, food and fave lingerie

"I never really diet"; Heidi Klum talks fitness, food and fave lingerie

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In Sydney to launch her new lingerie collection, Heidi Klum is as camera-ready as ever

At 42, she looks the slimmest she's ever been (#ageinggoals) and positively radiant  - so naturally we demanded the supermodel and former Victoria's Secret Angel tell us everything about what she does (and doesn't do) to look so good.  And because she knows more about lingerie than anyone else in the biz, we also quizzed her on the new season essentials every woman should own:  according to Klum, "skin is in." With a body like that, of course it is.

What was the inspiration for your latest Heidi Klum Intimates collection for David Jones?
So I always have my team find the newest laces and different colours and then I kind of bedazzle them, so to speak, I will change the straps a little or kind of trim them down so there's more skin and less bra. Sometimes the cups were too big. Then I introduce new shapes, like racerbacks, more soft cups, deep plunging necklines. I think the look for 2016 is a more natural shape, not pushed up as much, and we want to see more skin.

"I never really diet," Heidi Klum talks fitness, food and fave lingerie

What lingerie should every women have in their drawer?
Definitely you need a super-smooth t-shirt bra without too many bows or embellishment  because you don't want to see that you're wearing a bra. Then you should have a racerback for all the tank tops that we wear in summer and you don't want to show the straps. Then I would say a super sexy one with possibly some accessories like garter belts and stockings.

How do you prepare physically for a lingerie campaign?
I never really diet. I've never really been a fan of diets or the term that diet has become now. I guess for me, it's eating healthily. I have to say, I just had a great lunch here, super healthy with some yummy fish and grains. It's never really about the amounts; it's what you eat. I think a lot of people think in order to look fit you can't really eat anything. I eat quite a lot; I just eat the right things. You just have to be focused and determined not to eat all the bad things. A lot of the time it's not worth it - you know you stuff yourself with all these extra calories that you know you don't need. I mean, if it was a yummy pavlova or ice-cream I would want it, but there are certain things you can cut out.


"I never really diet," Heidi Klum talks fitness, food and fave lingerie

Is there anything you won't touch?
I never cut out anything completely. Sometimes I'll have spaghetti bolognese and a piece of bread too that I'm going to dip into the sauce afterwards because it's so good, but you know, I don't have bagels and cream cheese in the morning. A lot of people have that every morning, or doughnuts. I mean sometimes, of course, I'll have a bagel with cream cheese but some people have that all the time.

What are your go-to foods?
There is no go-to. Every day we cook something different; we cook fresh everyday so it's hard to say a go-to when you cook for a family - you know I have four kids. Like, Mondays I'll have meatballs with pasta and vegetables - there's always a vegetable - or we have fish with green beans and mashed potatoes and then we have schnitzel with broccoli and spaghetti squash. Every day is something different. It's not like salad and a piece of chicken every day - my kids would really not appreciate that.


What's your fitness routine look like?
I don't really exercise that much. I mean, two times a week for sure. I will do the Stairmaster I've got at home or a running machine. I also think it's important not to exercise too much. I don't think you have to do a lot, but if you do a little bit all the time, I think that's important. Sometimes I'll do some little weights while I'm running.



What's the best beauty secret you've ever heard?
Blotting instead of powdering. In television, it's like 'more powder, more powder, more powder', but blotting paper is so much better for every day.

What are your life's top priorities now?
To raise good children into good people. 

"I never really diet," Heidi Klum talks fitness, food and fave lingerie


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