How Victoria's Secret model Georgia Fowler is getting ready for the runway

How Victoria's Secret model Georgia Fowler is getting ready for the runway

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New Zealand model-of-the-moment and Victoria's Secret Angel in training shares how she is getting runway ready ahead of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2017

It took five casting attempts to gain her spot on the most famous runway in the world, and after her impressive debut last year, New Zealand model Georgia Fowler is getting ready to take the Victoria's Secret runway for a second time. From walking for Chanel (under Karl Lagerfeld's blessing) to fronting the cover of Harper's BAZAAR, Fowler is beginning to become one of fashions most sought after muses. Although she was raised in New Zealand, she calls Sydney home - which bodes well for us Aussies, considering we tend to claim the best things New Zealand has to offer as our own. With less than a month until the Kiwi model walks the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai (in the littlest amount of clothing) Samantha Ledlin chatted to Fowler on her fitness regime, bucket list and the first thing she'll indulge in after the show. 

We're less than one month out from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2017 - what does your diet look like in the weeks leading up to the show?

I have mainly a plant based diet, and avoid dairy and processed carbohydrates whilst adding in lots of good fats. It can be difficult to control though when you're always on set or in the air so I carry nuts, a healthy snack bar or fruit so that I never get to the point where I am so hungry that I overeat. For every meal my plate is usually 80% veg, 10% fats (avocado, nuts or seeds) and 10% lean protein which is usually fish but I'll never deprive myself of a good quality steak if my body is asking for it. Sometimes I won't add meat in at all, and sometimes it's hard to find good vegetables, so I do what I can, where I can, and I always drink lots of water!

What does a typical day's workout look like for you?

My exercise regime changes all the time depending on where I am and what I'm doing, but essentially I try to stay as active as possible. I generally work out 5-6 times a week, and ideally I would do a Pilates class, 2 weights sessions, a HIIT session, and a boxing /cycling/cardio session. When I am away, I might do two workouts in one day such as Pilates and boxing, but I think the most important thing is to listen to your body and to what it can handle and to mix it up to keep it exciting.

I do also love strength training, I know a lot of women are afraid of it but you needn't be. When done right it doesn't add bulk, with correct form it's a lot less jarring on the body than other workouts. It increases metabolism, and tones all the right spots!

The nature of your job obviously involves staying in shape all year round; how does your training routine change in the weeks leading up to the runway?

Yes, I do have to be prepared for lingerie and swim shoots year round, but luckily I love feeling fit and eating well so it is more about making these lifestyle choices all the time. That being said, I do increase my workouts and am stricter on my diet to ensure I'm at my physical peak and deserve my spot up there - TV doesn't lie so I need to look the best I can in front of the millions of viewers!

Do you have any Holy Grail beauty treatments or products that you swear by to keep your skin and body ready for the cameras?

To be honest, I have so many products on my face at work, so I try to keep it really simple when I'm in my own time so that my skin can breathe and recalibrate. I really do feel that a beautiful glow comes from nourishment on the inside, so nothing beats a restful night's sleep, lots of water and omega fatty acids. For some extra assistance - rosehip oil on my face and coconut oil everywhere else.

How do you prepare yourself mentally in those minutes before stepping out onto the runway?

It's so crazy and there is so much going on, so honestly, you just have to believe that you have done as much preparation as possible, that you have listened to all the instructions from the show producers, and just go out and have a bit of fun, be you, and enjoy the experience. That's what the show is about at the end of the day.

Do you have a cheat meal or food vice that you're going to indulge in as soon as the show is over?

I treat myself most days with a fun size dark chocolate bar to dunk into my coffee, or I'll make homemade ice cream with frozen fruit sprinkled with granola and coconut. But after the show I think all the girls will indulge in a cocktail, and hopefully an authentic yum cha the next day.

Last year you travelled to Paris to walk the Victoria's Secret show for the first time, and this year you're heading to Shanghai - besides the runway, what are you most excited about doing in Shanghai?

Sadly we won't have much time there, but hopefully I can go wandering around some of the local spots with my family. Walking is always the best way to take in a new city! I want to make sure I see The Bund though, plus the contrast to the super futuristic architecture across the river. 

Besides the lack of clothes, what's the biggest difference between walking a Victoria's Secret runway and a Fashion Week runway?

Every show is a big deal to me, but it feels quite different to a [Victoria's Secret] runway because it is the only event of the season, whereas during fashion week girls are racing between shows. The backstage vibe at Victoria's Secret is truly electric, and even the veteran Angels get nerves, which just goes to show how huge of a deal it is to even the biggest models in the world.  Ed Razek gives us all a huge pep talk, Adriana [Lima] chimes in to amp us up - it's so surreal!

Photos by Dimitrios Kambouris and Dominique Charriau / Getty Images for Victoria's Secret

So you've done Victoria's Secret and been on the cover of Harper's BAZAAR, what's next on the bucket list in terms of life and career?

I would love to grow some wings, gain a beauty contract, and cement my place in the editorial market as well as landing a few more covers, and in life, I just hope to maintain balance, and continue striving for the top whilst getting away for a holiday or two.

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