Heidi Klum: “There’s no getting bikini ready in a week”

Heidi Klum: “There’s no getting bikini ready in a week”

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Text: Yeong Sassall

First it was lingerie, now comes swimwear… German supermodel Heidi Klum shares secrets on diet, body confidence and her new beachwear line

You know her as the former Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret model and Project Runway host with the amazing body (and four kids to boot), but it seems that even at 43, she shows no signs of slowing down. In January, the wonder woman told us about her exercise regime (or lack of one) as she prepared to launch Heidi Klum Intimates into Australia, and now, just six months later, she's set to launch an exciting offshoot of the brand - Heidi Klum Swim. Launching locally on July 4, we were lucky enough to grab the online exclusive on the collection, as well as quick chat with Heidi herself.

You've had a huge career as a swimsuit model - is a swimwear range something you've always wanted to do?
I wasn't really actively looking to do a line of swim but when I was approached two years ago to take over a well-oiled business 25 years old, I said why not! I rolled my sleeves up and dove right into it. Now, I have my own lingerie line in over 2,000 stores around the world and now we're launching a swimwear collection. Swim is a natural extension from lingerie. I've been modelling both lingerie and swimwear my entire career. I've dabbled in designing swimwear before but this is the first large-range collection I've done. I'm really proud of it!

Heidi Klum: “There’s no getting bikini ready in a week” (фото 1)

What sets Heidi Klum Swim apart from all the other swimwear brands?
I'm bringing a lot of variety to the table to fit all different body types and all ages. Whether you want an itsy bitsy bikini or a little more coverage, you could literally take four to five pieces from this collection, throw in a pair of sandals and be set for your beach trip.  We used a variety of fabrics -from sporty neoprene to Lycra - to create the best quality swimsuits and fit. The hardware and embellishments were really important to me. I wanted them to be unique, from delicate tassels to chic braiding, to make the collection special. I also think great prints are important for swimwear and we created some really beautiful ones! We also have really soft beautiful cotton and viscose cover ups.

Not all women feel confident in a bikini - what secrets can you share for faking bikini confidence?
I understand that! Wearing your bikini is as close to getting naked in public as you get! I think it's about finding a suit in a shape and fit that you love, and feeling happy wearing it. 

Heidi Klum: “There’s no getting bikini ready in a week” (фото 2)

Let's say you have one week to get bikini-ready - what exercises would you recommend someone do? And what about diet?
There's no getting bikini ready in a week. It's about living a healthy, active lifestyle and taking care of yourself all year. Of course I love eating burgers and French fries, but most of the time I'm eating healthy fish, chicken, vegetables. I always try to get my cardio activity in. You can see on my Instagram when I post, I'm not always the fastest, but I'm moving and getting my heart pumping!

Heidi Klum: “There’s no getting bikini ready in a week” (фото 3)

What three swimsuit styles (or colours) should every woman own?
I think it depends on what you are doing! We have great rash [vests] for women who need a little more coverage or who are really active on the beach. We have great little triangle bikinis that really show you off. We also have awesome one-pieces that give a little more coverage. I think swim is fun because you can play with print and colour a little more than you might in your everyday wardrobe.  One-piece suits are all on trend right now. They are not just for the older generation. One pieces can be just as sexy as a bikini!

Heidi Klum Swim launches in Australia on July 4 and will be stocked at David Jones, Myer and at

Heidi Klum: “There’s no getting bikini ready in a week” (фото 4)