Georgia May Jagger on family gifts, fried chicken and famous females

Georgia May Jagger on family gifts, fried chicken and famous females

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Model, celeb offspring and Thomas Sabo campaign girl, Georgia May Jagger may have the world at her feet, but she’s disarmingly normal – as Yeong Sassall quickly discovers

It's hard not to feel a pinch of apprehension when you're off to meet the daughter of a Rolling Stone and Texan supermodel. Will she be a spoilt, standoffish brat? How will those famous Mick Jagger-inherited lips and blonde bombshell Jerry Hall-esque looks translate into real life? The answer: very well, as it turns out. She may have been born into a life of privilege only the rock 'n' roll hall-of-famed, Vogue cover girl few can identify with, but the youngest daughter of the Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall is sweet, charming and unaffected by her famous surname - no wonder she's developed tight bonds with famous and fortunate pals like Suki Waterhouse and Cara Delevingne.

The British model and campaign star was in Sydney this week as a special guest at the Thomas Sabo 10 year anniversary party. Despite not having not much time to interview her, she was quick to go in for a hug and eager to chat unfiltered, and in our short chat I managed to uncover a little more about the charmed life of Georgia May Jagger.

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Do you have any favourite pieces from the collection?
I'm really into the ear jackets [cuffs]. They make them in diamonds, too. And also the Love Bridge [bracelets] - I got them for my mum, my sisters, all my friends. They engrave them instantly in the shop - I've got ones with the little initials, my nickname, my dog's name, my birthday and they do even dates - cool stuff like that. I find it quite hard sometimes to find personal gifts for people, so it's quite nice you can choose what you want to do.

What was your favourite part about shooting the campaign?
We got to be in a really nice park and it was nice weather - in England it's kind of a nightmare to shoot in winter, so it's nice shooting in summer! And I'd also say working with the same team because we've got a really good thing going on - everyone's really talented. Thomas is such a nice guy as well, [it was great] getting to know him better - I actually ran into him at Glastonbury, which was amazing.

Are you more of a jewellery or a watch girl?
I'm definitely more of a jewellery girl. I feel like I look at the time on my phone - that's probably really bad to be saying - I like the way watches look but I don't use them! But if I'm going to go for a watch I'm going to go for a man's watch - that's definitely my style. I'm definitely not a Rolex person, that's for sure.

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So, let's talk favourite things...

Holiday destination? I love the Caribbean - I've been spoilt for the ocean there. I have to say Australia as well - I went to Hamilton Island on holiday and that was quite nice.

Favourite restaurant? I like Ffiona's in Kensington Church Street - it's English food and Fiona's so sweet and there herself every day - it's like a family-style place.

All-time favourite meal? Oh god, that's really hard! Because I really like Japanese food, but then I'm also half Texan, so... I'm really into fried chicken as well. So somewhere between sushi and fried chicken!

Can't live without? My camera and my dog, Daisy (her name is on my bracelet).

Go-to outfit? Leather jacket - it's the one I designed for Mulberry; jeans - I'm really into comfy jeans over skinny jeans; or dungarees, I like a nice fitting pair of dungarees and some boots.

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Reading? I'm reading Patti Smith's new book because I was really into Just Kids. It just came out - it's called M Train. I've literally just started it, because I bought it the day before yesterday.

Style icons? I always say my mum. And my grandma who had very fearless style - she had bright red hair and always wore emerald green and lots of big costume-y jewellery stuff. But I met Drew Barrymore recently and I really love her. I think she looked amazing. And she's honestly exactly how you would expect her to be - but a bit better!

Listening to? I'm always listening to early 2000s R&B, I'm stuck in being sort of 11 years old! I'm always listening to Destiny's Child, all that stuff. And Gwen Stefani has a new song and I just put out a [Instagram] about it - and she's 47! And if this single goes to number one she will be the oldest female to ever have a number one single. So... Gwen to number one!

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