Georgia Alice: new girl rising

Georgia Alice: new girl rising

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Text: Yeong Sassall

The designer behind New Zealand cult brand, Georgia Alice, has taken the industry by storm. In the wake of her first MBFWA presentation this week, she talks to Buro 24/7 on inspiration, the ‘GA Army’ and being empowered

"You know when you hop off a plane somewhere really hot and humid - Singapore or Bangkok or somewhere equally exotic - and you get hit by a wave of heat? It's that kind of feeling." Designer Georgia Currie is describing the mood behind her resort collection for her label Georgia Alice, (this MBFWA will be her first ever runway presentation) though she could easily be describing the reactions of any editor, stylist, casual observer or owner to any of her creations since the brand's inception five years ago.

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Restrained, clever and ahead of the curve, Georgia Alice - for those in the know - has become a kind of shorthand for effortless cool. For the uninitiated, her collections are a line-up of innovative, yet unselfconscious silhouettes, pushing boundaries of proportion and scale tempered with femininity and - here's that word again - cool. Realised in carefully considered, premium fabrics in a refined palette of pearl, powder grey, marine and black, these are garments designed to slot seamlessly into the modern woman's wardrobe. "I will always aim for a garment to be wearable as possible," explains Currie. "I'm inspired by what I want to wear and what I feel like I want in my wardrobe. It's about catering to everyday life whilst still being aspirational and inspiring for someone to wear." And Curries practices what she preaches. "I know it sounds really bad but I'm probably in my own stuff like 90 per cent of the time!" she giggles.

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It is perhaps this wearability that is the secret of her success. Comfort, for one; to wear one of her designs is to truly experience second-skin dressing. That's not to say tight - well, not often - but her garments that are so comfortable once on, they become a living, breathing part of you, unassuming until someone throws a compliment your way. (It's inevitable in GA. Trust me, I've done the legwork).

Her fashion week presentation is no doubt one of the schedule's most anticipated. Word has it that when her e-invites went out, her show received 145 RSVP's in under 5 minutes. The collection takes inspiration in mood from Swiss artist Mai-Thu Perret and her work spanning 14 years entitled Crystal Frontier, concerning a group of women who decide to leave traditional society to begin their own commune in the Mexican desert. "I love that idea of G.A. being this band of girls who walk to their own beat and that's how I thought of this whole resort collection," she explains. "I have 27 looks and 27 [models walking in the show] so it's almost like this army of G.A. girls. I really liked the idea of all these women getting together and deciding to live life how they want. I think there's something really empowering about that and it resonates."

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