Beyond the runway, sustainability is the biggest movement trending in fashion right now, and for the sake of our planet, it is not something that is going to go out of style anytime soon. The fashion and textile industry is one of the most wasteful industries in Australia. Due to a highly consumerised mind set towards fashion, approximately 6000kg of clothing is dumped into landfill every 10 minutes. As a result brands and designers such as have begun adopting sustainable processes to ensure the world and its resources are stabilised. This conscious mind set is exactly the influence behind Vestiaire Collective, an ecommerce website specialising in buying and selling pre-owned luxury designer items.  

Considering one of the easiest ways to jump on the sustainability band wagon (and believe us, it's a ride you want to be on) is to shop pre-owned clothing and accessories, we chatted to Vestiare Collective co-founder Fanny Moizant on her tips and tricks on navigating the vintage shopping market.

How would you describe your personal style?

Easy, chic and classic but with a twist.

Fanny Moizant, co-founder of Vestiaire Collective shares her vintage shopping tips

Can you share any tips to finding vintage fashion treasures?

The Vestiaire App is great, [you can] set up alerts so you don't miss out on the item you've been lusting over. 

When buying vintage clothing, be prepared to have to make alterations - clothing fits differently now [compared] to the way it did a few decades ago. Buy iconic pieces, they will hold their value making them a great investment.

When it comes to vintage shopping do you prefer online on in-store?

Online, always online! I like that I can have hundreds of shops at my fingertips when I'm on the sofa or [sitting] waiting in a airport lounge, for me it's much more convenient. 

Would you rather spend big money on clothes or accessories?

It's all about quality pieces. I'd rather have one great cashmere sweater instead of 10 poor quality ones, for example. But, if I am being totally honest, I would spend money on shoes, I love that they can change a look so easily.

Fanny Moizant, co-founder of Vestiaire Collective shares her vintage shopping tips

What is one piece of clothing or accessory that you own that you will never get rid of or sell on Vestiaire Collective?

My Mum gave me some Alaia pieces from the '80s which I will never part with. I look forward to the day that my girls really appreciate fashion and I can pass down these special pieces.

Why is it so important to educate customers and consumers about sustainable fashion practices?

We need to embrace greener consumption, we are over-consuming right now. The quality of our clothing is way more important than quantity; the fashion industry shouldn't be the second most polluting industry in the world. Encouraging a circular economy is the way forward. 

Do you think fast fashion will soon be a thing of the past?

I hope that one day soon people will understand how bad fast fashion is for our planet. 

What is one sustainable fashion designer that everyone should know (and be wearing) right now?

Why talk about one when so many are helping to change the way we consume! Stella McCartney, Reformation, RE/DONE jeans, Veja, and Kitx by Kit Willow are all playing their part in changing our attitude towards sustainable shopping.

Fanny Moizant, co-founder of Vestiaire Collective shares her vintage shopping tips