Exclusive: Carine Roitfeld talks personal style and what she won't ever wear

Exclusive: Carine Roitfeld talks personal style and what she won't ever wear

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If we're going to take our sartorial cues from anyone, it would be Roitfeld

The Tom Ford muse, former Vogue Paris editor and founder of CR Fashion Book tends to eschew trends and has some simple fashion rules she refuses to break. We sat down with the French style icon to find out what she considers fashion faux pas, what she couldn't live without and who she looks to for inspiration.

What trends are you into this season?
I think now there's not just one big trend like before. It's not just the difference between miniskirts and long skirts. I do not think that for me, honestly, there is a big trend. For me, the big trend that was new on the runway is the make-up - for years there were very natural girls with little or no make-up but this time [at the last shows] the make-up was very important. Take the Givenchy show, full of jewellery, stuck on the face, a bit Indian in mood. Or you go to Céline and there were such colours on the eyes.... This is interesting, this mixing of make-up with the clothes - even the Tom Ford show, I know he always likes black eyes and it's very sexy, like you didn't remove your make-up before going to sleep. So I think, maybe the new trend of the season is make-up.

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Your top five buys for this season?
Black stilettos. I always buy a lot of them with different heights of heels. Funnily I am very similar. I have almost the same style of skirt. I love the skirt that Rick Owens makes. When I like something I repeat buy it because I know I'm going to wear it a lot. So, high heels, skirts, it's almost like a uniform - and some tight sweaters and tights, because I love tights. And what is very important for me - maybe it's my French taste - is to start the day with lingerie. It's the first piece of fashion I'm going to wear. So it's going to drive the choice of my clothes. Believe it or not, it is the truth.


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Do you have any style rules that you abide by?
You know Coco Chanel, every time she was leaving her apartment or her hotel room at the Ritz she would look in the mirror and she would say "something is too much on my look. I have to take off something." And I do exactly the same. I prefer to take something off than to add something. I am very simple.

What would you say your go-to outfit is?
I know I have good legs and I have good eyes. These are my two good points. So always wearing knee length skirts, black high heels and I try to put a lot of black around my eyes. I think the secret of a [stylish] woman is to know what is good for her.

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Is there any trend or item of clothing you would never wear?
Sneakers - I really dislike them. I dare you to find a picture of me wearing sneakers. I bet you, you will never find one. I don't wear them. I think they look unattractive. I know that Kanye West sells so many sneakers and I know that Tom [Ford] makes sneakers, but I never wear them.

Whose personal style do you admire?
It's about attitude and mixing. We're talking about Patti Smith because we all love her attitude. I have an amazing picture of her. But I like Catherine Deneuve of course. Diana Vreeland, you know - a genius. So there are different people, not just one.  You can like the cool look of Kate Moss or the elegance of Deneuve - it's not just one person.

Who are your all-time favourite designers or brands?
Well, of course Tom Ford but besides him I have a lot of other friends too. So it's very difficult. You know, I am not new in this business so I've made a lot of friends: I love Karl, Ricardo Tisci, J.W. Anderson and I have a lot of respect for Azzedine Alaia and for Rei Kawakubo. 

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